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From: SRI (solana@adnc.com)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 19:51:13 EDT

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    Job Announcement -- please post. Thank you very much. Rita Spiegel
    >Date: August 15, 2000
    >Title: Program Coordinator
    >State Date: Immediately - Submit resumes by August 31, 2000
    >Salary Range $20, 800 - $25,000 plus mileage
    >Hours: Full-time employment w/benefits.
    >Solana Recyclers, Inc. (SRI) is a community based non-profit environmental
    >organization with a 17 year history and a diverse range of programs. Our
    >major program areas focus on: environmental education, watershed
    >pollution prevention, sustainable agricultures, buying recycled, volunteer
    >litter abatement programs, HHW and used motor oil recycling education. SRI
    >coordinates several used oil recycling grants and contracts. Components of
    >the grants include classroom presentation, public awareness/publicity
    >campaigns, working with local service stations and community outreach
    >events. Components of the volunteer litter abatement programs includes
    >working with schools to conduct litter/beach cleanups, coordinating
    >within the community and promotional outreach.
    >The program coordinator will work on many aspects of the program including
    >developing outreach materials, writing articles, scheduling presentations,
    >working with businesses, ordering materials and supplies, staffing
    >events and other activities as they arise.
    > Customer relations with a wide variety of people
    > Public speaking - Learning and conducting classroom presentations for
    >students and community groups.
    > Community Events - Staffing street fairs and/or other events as needed.
    >Some Saturday work required.
    > Assist with Media / Press promotion and marketing.
    > Report writing and fiscal tracking for programs.
    > Good Verbal Communication skills, including both public speaking and
    >skills a must.
    > Desire to help the environment, knowledge of watershed issues a plus.
    > Self motivation and self starter.
    > Detail oriented. Ability to handle multiple tasks.
    > Comfortable working in a small office.
    > Positive, outgoing attitude.
    > Bilingual in Spanish language a plus.
    >Submit resumes to Rita Spiegel @ Fax: (760) 436-8263 or Email:

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