[GRRN] Plastic coke bottles clog up the arctic

From: Bill Sheehan (bill_sheehan@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Aug 26 2000 - 10:33:06 EDT

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    Greetings from Iqaluit, capital of the new (1999) majority
    Inuit territory of Nunavut (28,000res.) in Canada, and
    everyday home to another 4000 plastic coke bottles. I've
    lived here since 1991; I can recall back in 1995 or 96 when
    the Coke franchise here floated their bottling machine up;
    ever since then we've had an enormous problem with the
    plastic bottles--and unlike you guys in the south--we have
    NO roads to get rid of them. Everything here has to come
    and go either by plane or boat--very expensive. And we
    dont see Coke making any sounds about full cost
    accounting for the removal of their plastic--so the public
    purse subsidizes the private megacorporation, town garbage
    department gathers and burns the bottles in a shallow pit
    with the fumes blowing over our 5000 residents. The
    pristine Arctic. Hmmmm. Good luck with your campaign.

    I'm attaching a transcript of Monday's CBC report on
    pissed off townspeople (one of them is Rhanva Simonson ;
    867-979-3183) (Earle Baddaloo's number 867-975-5910)
    (Roger Walker, Coke, 979-2941).

    Cheers, Derek Rasmussen Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada (867)
    979-6549 (H) (867) 975-4911 (W)

    August 21, 2000 - Monday - Evening

    CBC Radio News 17:30 Shotlist

    Lead: Iqaluit Environmental Group Wants Plastic Coke
    Bottle Mess Dealt With;

    A local environmental group is speaking out about the
    pollution caused by an excessive amount of plastic coke
    bottles in Nunavut's capital. The Iqaluit Environmental and
    Beautification Society is not satisfied with the effort being
    made to deal with the waste. The CBC's Leah Shaw has

    (Shaw) Coca Cola sells more than four-thousand plastic
    bottles of pop every day in Iqaluit. The plastic is 100%
    recyclable, but no one is recycling them in Nunavut.
    Rhanva Simonson is concerned. She is with the local
    Environmental Group.

    (Simonson) Everyone is too busy to care, and it just gets,
    ends up, as trash on the dump if we're lucky into toxic
    fumes. Or all over the place. On the beaches and on the
    tundra, on the land, in the town.

    Earle Baddaloo says he does care. Battaloo is manager of
    environmental protection with the Department of
    Sustainable Development . He's trying to find ways to deal
    with Nunavut's plastic. But he says there are details to be
    worked out:

    (Baddaloo) You don't have trucks that can cross the Baffin
    Strait, to come across here, to take stuff down across to the
    mainland to recycling depots. (unintelligible) but from the
    Department's point of view, we are looking at addressing
    the situation.

    Coca Cola continues to feed the supply of plastic bottles.
    The general manager for the Coca Cola bottling depot says
    he's willing to go along with whatever the government
    suggests, as long as it's fair. Roger Walker.

    (Walker) Otherwise, us being the Coca Cola bottler , and
    one of the only manufacturing facilities up there, if a
    deposit is put only on our product, then it makes us

    In the meantime, the bottles continue to float in the bay and
    litter the park. Some individuaeninave taken it upon
    themselves to carry a bag to pick up garbage wherever they
    go. Leah Shaw, CBC News, Iqaluit. ###

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