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From: Steen, Terri (
Date: Mon Aug 21 2000 - 10:36:15 EDT

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    Brian, thanks for clarifying your question. I asked a similar question a
    while back and I don't think I ever got an answer. I'll throw it out here
    and see if it works.
    If the US municipal recycling rate is at 28%, and the EPA says we generate 3
    pounds (3.?) of solid waste per person per day, is the 28% included or on
    top of that amount? In other words, 28% of 3.4 pounds is .952 - adding that
    to the waste generation rate would bring it up to 4.35, whereas subtracting
    it out would leave 2.45 pounds. Seems to me this would make a difference in
    solid waste collection costs and disposal/recycling planning. Does anyone
    know how these two statistics fit together?
    (not to take away from Brian's question - maybe the answer to his will
    answer mine, too!)
    Terri Steen
    Fort Belvoir Recycling Program Coordinator

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    Ok everybody I need to clarify my original question. I'm specifically
    looking for avg. lbs per person/year generated for the following materials:
    ONP, OCC, mixed paper including magazines, PET, HDPE, aluminum cans, steel
    cans, glass, and scrap metal. Does anyone have a recent study with good
    numbers for these? I realize the importance of zero waste and the need to
    educate everyone about it, but I'm just trying to find numbers for the
    materials that are generally recycled in my district. I'd like to know how
    much of these materials are in our waste stream to find out how much of
    these materials are being wasted. I've got to get people to use the
    recycling collection systems in place and finding these numbers will help me
    make my point. Thanks for all the good responses, we all need reminded that
    virtually everything can be recycled if we think differently about our

    Brian Pugh
    Four County Solid Waste District

    The original question was "Does anybody have a good number on the pounds per
    person per year the avg. person generates in recyclable material? I have
    stats on the avg. MSW per person/year, but would like to know how much of
    that is considered recyclable. If you could state where the information
    came from it would be helpful because I'd like to put it into a report I'm

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