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    Robert Collier of the Houston Chronicle wrote that the President
    Elect of Mexico, Vincente Fox, has repeated and expanded on his
    pledges to end Mexico's severe problems with air and water pollution,
    making mention of the issues in nearly every speech and interview.
    The small but vocal Green Ecologist Party had joined with Fox's
    National Action Party (PAN) to form the Alliance for Change that
    swept him to victory. The Green Party's leader, Jorge Gonzalez Torres,
    has long been controversial among Mexico's small yet vocal
    environmental community, and speculation that Fox might anoint
    him czar of Mexico's environmental ministry disturbs some.
    Fox also advocates a substantial increase in funding and new
    policing powers for PROFEPA, the agency that investigates
    and enforces pollution laws in Mexico. Fox advocates a sharp
    reduction in logging of old-growth forests, and an increase in
    commercial reforestation; inclusion of pollution as a negative
    cost when calculating economic growth; and, special tax breaks to
    industry for installing environmental controls. "We will make
    Mexico's environment, its water and forests, a national-security issue",
    Fox said. Adding that, "we will turn around the concept of development
    to include the environment as a factor in economic and social decisions,
    not as a separate sector, but as an essential element in creating
    sustainable economic and social progress." Source, "Controversial
    Adviser Puts Ecology on Agenda," by Robert Collier, Houston
    Chronicle Staff Writer Thursday, July 6, 2000. Visit the website
    at http://www.chron.com/
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