[GRRN] [Fwd: Big Green: Slate waste]

From: Debra Lombard (deblombard@swinter.com)
Date: Thu Aug 10 2000 - 11:55:33 EDT

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    Sam Kimmins wrote:

    > Dear Big Greeners,
    > I am interested to find out uses for slate quarry waste, for an ongoing
    > research project. I'd be particularly intrested to hear from anyone who has
    > used slate waste as an aggregate material. How does it perform? What
    > applications is it useful for, considering its unusual characteristics
    > (friable, weak bedding planes etc)?
    > Also, does anyone know of any manufacturing uses for slate quarry waste,
    > such as synthetic slate tile (slate waste formed into a tile using a resin)?
    > Thanks in anticipation,
    > Sam Kimmins

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