[GRRN] ATT: Applicants - Philadelphia Recycling Coordinator

From: Maurice M. Sampson II (msampson@netreach.net)
Date: Sun Aug 06 2000 - 11:56:00 EDT

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    It is my understanding that interviews will soon be held for the
    position of Recycling Coordinator in Philadelphia. The Philadelphia
    Recycling Alliance was formed shortly after the resignation of Al
    Dezzi in 1998 and have been pressuring the City of Philadelphia to
    both refill the position as well as move the City from a every other
    week collection system to a weekly collection program.

    On June 8th the Alliance released a study funded by the William Penn
    Foundation "Philadelphia Recycling Program at the Cross Roads" This
    is a must read for anyone contemplating taking this position, and in
    general for urban recycling coordinators and citizen recycling
    organizations everywhere pushing for improvements in their programs.
    I authored this paper, with the assistance of David Biddle of the
    Center for Solid Waste Research. It was peer reviewed by some well
    known members of the recycling community, including Philadelphia's
    past recycling coordinators.

    A pdf files of the summary and the full report is available at
    http://www.cleanwaterfund.org/ or the full report only at

    I urge anyone with questions or comments to e-mail me at the address above

    Maurice M. Sampson II
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    Philadelphia, PA 19119-2508
    e-mail: msampson@netreach.net

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