Re: [GRRN] Fw: plastic recycling

From: Neil Tangri (
Date: Tue Aug 01 2000 - 07:52:51 EDT

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    This depends on the plastic, actually. PVC is usually over 50% chlorine,
    and creates huge quantities of dioxin when heated to the 200 - 400 C range.
    Non-chlorinated plastics shouldn't create dioxin, unless there's another
    source of chlorine in the materials being burnt/heated. My guess is that if
    they are measuring dioxins from plastics recycling, it's because of PVC
    contamination of PET or HDPE plastics.


    At 17:29 07/31/2000 +0200, Muna Lakhani wrote:
    >> They said that the plastic
    >> company(s?) had told them that the process of melting and reusing the
    >> plastic had been discovered to be releasing some type(s?) of carcinogens!
    >perfectly true - heating of plastics, especially to the level where they
    >melt or burn, releases dioxins, which are a proven carcinoginec - this
    >again supports the view that we need to be very careful where we use
    >plastics, what type they are, and ensure that only easily re-used or
    >recycled plastics are used.... consumers, wake up!

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