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From: Ed Ida (edida@webworkz.com)
Date: Sun Jul 30 2000 - 12:11:39 EDT

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    Have received no reply to the above from GRRN. Should it have been sent to you folks at greenyes@earthsystems instead? Copy below.

    On your web page, I see nothing specific to what individuals [or groups] should do about recycling or disposal of commonly encountered materials. For example:
    While cardboard and newspapers are recycled because there seems to be a market for them, what should be done about ordinary packaging or foam packaging forms? Should they be burned or gathered as a non-toxic waste which will biodegrade in an ordinary landfill? Or in a private landfill? Do you consider them non-toxic?

    Are there any records of successful efforts made by communities to establish clean waste landfills to reduce the burden on leak-proof plastic lined expensive landfills? This could apply to ordinarily recycled items when there is no market temporarily.

    Is there any agreed list of non-toxic wastes?

    Same for toxic wastes indicating those that can be reprocessed, purified, where sent for safe disposal?

         This is surely enough for now. If not on the web page, do your publications cover these questions? Be specific please. Thank you

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