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    Take a look at and if you like what you see of the 4R
    Program, give Pam DeCamp a call at the Northeast Indiana Solid Waste
    Management District ( (800) 777-5462).

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          I work for a non-profit organization that operates the recycling
    processing facility for our county. We also do most of the waste reduction
    and recycling education for our region.
      Here's what I am interested in:
          I am preparing to start a research project that will look at other
    regions' education and outreach programs to determine the most effective
    ways to change recycling behavior and increase recovery, or more
    importantly, decrease waste. First, I want to find out...What works, what
    doesn't work, how to reach a wider audience, etc. I am interested in ANY
    information that relates to effectiveness of education programs. Second, we
    are thinking about conducting a large-scale survey in our county to
    understand residents' awareness and knowledge about waste reduction and
    recycling. ANY information on this topic would be appreciated as well.
          I'm willing to sort through any type of sources: Internet,
    periodicals, books, studies, etc.

      Katy Bryce, Education Coordinator
      The Recycling Team
      61020 27th Street
      Bend, OR 97701
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