Re: [GRRN] Junk Mail

From: Cindy Shea (
Date: Wed Jul 12 2000 - 14:22:22 EDT

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    Good comments, as usual Roger. This sounds like an issue that would fit
    nicely into the agenda of the Center for a New American Dream or the
    various simplicity movements popping up around the country. Privacy
    groups might also be interested. I detest both junk mail and
    telemarketing and have recently come across a new species -- the
    recorded telemarketing call. At least you don't have to feel badly about
    hanging up on a real person.

    Cindy Pollock Shea
    Contributing Editor
    Florida Sustainable Communities Center

    Roger Guttentag wrote:

    > Dear GreenYesers: The recent message by Mary Appelhof to GreenYes on
    > the huge waste of material resources from the billions of direct mail
    > marketing pieces sent out for credit card solicitations is part of a
    > long history of messages about junk mail posted to this and other
    > lists. Mary's suggestion regarding who you can contact about getting
    > your name removed from mailing lists is helpful but, within the
    > current legal environment, I feel it is an almost futile strategy.
    > Trying to get your name removed from direct marketing databases is
    > like fighting the mythical Hydra - I believe that for every success
    > you have in getting your name deleted from one database, it gets added
    > to three other databases at the same time. This problem will persist
    > as long as the current system provides only "opt-out" options for
    > individuals.

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