[GRRN] foreign BOT landfill project

From: Neil Tangri (ntangri@essential.org)
Date: Thu Jul 06 2000 - 19:35:56 EDT

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    >Date: Mon, 03 Jul 2000 14:16:46 +0800
    >From: remonde@gsilink.com
    >Subject: [Cleanpro-intl] foreign BOT landfill project
    >Dear friends,
    >I wonder if any of you should have some insights/ideas/experiences in terms
    >of landfills that are build and operated under a build-operate-transfer
    >system. Doesn't it discourage waste segregation at source of generation?
    >Isn't the collection of user fees the easiest/only way for the company to
    >recover its investment? Do any of you have experience with similar foreign
    >BOT landfill projects in your countries?
    >SNC Lavalin, a Canadian engineering & construction company, is offering the
    >City of Cebu (Philippines) to construct and operate a new
    >"environment-friendly" landfill. Needless to say, we are going to oppose
    >Best regards,

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