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From: Melissa Bernardin (mbernardin00@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 23:57:52 EDT

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                      JOB OPENING - BOSTON MA

    Recycling Non-Profit Executive Director Wanted

    MassRecycle, The Massachusetts Recycling Coalition, seeks a new
    Executive Director who will lead the organization into the 21st century
    through creative and innovative leadership. MassRecycle is a not-for-profit
    coalition of individuals, governments, and businesses whose goal is to
    promote recycling and related efforts in Massachusetts. MassRecycle's annual
    budget is currently $180,000.

    The executive director is responsible for overseeing and developing
    all fiscal, programmatic, and administrative functions of the organization.

    Preferred candidates will have fiscal, programmatic, managerial, and
    fundraising experience; broad environmental knowledge, including
    recycling and solid waste; be familiar with the legislative process,
    and have experience with non-profit management and board of

    Responsibilities Include:
    * chief operating and administrative officer of the organization;
    responsible for operational decision making, and for management of
    core programs and services
    * development and implementation of policies, programs, and
    procedures which will improve membership services and promote
    recycling and related programs in Massachusetts
    * assist and advise the Board in its policy making functions; attend
    monthly Board of Directors (BOD) meetings; work directly with BOD
    * develop and oversee all fundraising activities, including
    fundraising events and annual giving campaigns, and coordinate and
    assist in the identification of public and private sector sources of
    grants and contract support, the preparation of proposals and
    contract negotiations, contract and grant management
    * propose, manage, and track the annual budget in conjunction with
    Treasurer and BOD
    * oversee preparation of tax returns and the yearly financial audit or
    * oversee implementation of annual workplan and track progress
    * ensure development of outreach materials and reports to the BOD
    and members
    * represent MassRecycle at various local and national meetings and
    forums, with the press, and at National Recycling Coalition meetings
    * work with regional affiliates and other organizations to promote
    MassRecycle programs and recycling efforts throughout the state
    * hire and supervise staff, contractors, and interns
    * other duties as may be required by the BOD

    Salary $40k+ with full benefits. Interested candidates, please send a
    cover letter and resume to:
    ED Search, MassRecycle
    59 Temple Place Ste 602
    Boston, MA 02111

    Or FAX to (617) 338-8611.

    MassRecycle is a statewide coalition of 650 individuals, governments,
    businesses, institutions, and non-profit organizations dedicated to
    promoting and realizing the vital environmental, social, and economic
    benefits created by reducing, reusing, and recycling waste materials, and by
    increasing the utilization of recycled products.

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