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From: Chris Sparnicht (chris@grrn.org)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 08:52:52 EDT

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    Dear GreenYes listers,

    Please forward any comments and suggestions *directly* to:
    Jean-Albert LIEVRE <wlp.jal@wanadoo.fr>



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    Subject: E_Question

    > I write to you from Paris, France.
    > We want to start a ricycling campain with a big french supermarket firm
    > incite french cunsumer to use ricycling colector.
    > Last time I came in USA, I saw trash colectors wich permited to anybody to
    > earn money recycling used papers, glass, beer bottle and stuff like that.
    > Coins or reductions were given to sorters .
    > I would like to obtain much more information about it.
    > I thank you for your concern, waiting for hearing from you.
    > Jean-Albert Lievre
    > WLP

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