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Glass Recycling in DC

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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 20:34:08 -0800 (PST) From: "Robert T. Lester" <> Subject: Glass Recycling in DC

Dear John and List Members:

Here's a summary of commercial recycling requirements, including glass, in the District of Columbia:

District of Columbia Recycling Requirements

The DC Solid Waste Management and Multi-Material Recycling Act of 1988 became effective March 16, 1989. This act requires that all commercial properties, including hotels, have recycling programs.

The Department of Public Works requires a recycling plan showing the materials recycled; frequency of collection; either a contract with a registered waste hauler or a written self-implementation plan for the removal of recyclable materials; and the name and phone number of the property's designated recycling coordinator.

In The District of Columbia, each owner and occupant of a commercial property must, at a minimum, separate the following materials from the regular trash:

=B7 Newspaper =B7 Office Paper =B7 Corrugated Cardboard =B7 Glass =B7 Non-Ferrous Metal =B7 Ferrous Scrap Metal

Property owners and managers may elect to set up recycling programs for materials in addition to these. The above list represents the minimum standard only.

Fines for violating this code range from between $25 and $1,000 depending on the infringement. The District of Columbia uses recycling inspectors to enforce these codes.


If I remember correctly, Arlington County (as well as several others) in Northern Virginia requires that glass be recycled, if it is one of the two principal materials generated annually in the greatest quantity on a given property. You can try and get more info. from the Dept. of Environmental Services of Arlington County at 703/358-6491.

Good luck.

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