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GreenYes Digest Sun, 22 Feb 98 Volume 98 : Issue 46

Today's Topics:
The right of answer of Mr. Zadorsky

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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 1998 11:59:11 +0100
From: (Wim A. de Bruyn)
Subject: The right of answer of Mr. Zadorsky


On Wed, 18 Feb 1998 19:22:00 +0300 (UKR), I received the following message
from Mr. Zadorsky:

"Dear Sirs,

Debate in INTERNET, concerning Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn's letter, have
achieved apogee. And I, Ukrainian professor William Zadorsky, must answer.

I don't want to take Your time and give a description of Mr.Wim A. De Bruyn's
visit to Dnepropetrovsk and of his behaviour as we saw it, but I am forced by
the rude and insulting tone of Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn's letters to go in for some
details, and I have a strong hope that this letter will be put in EcoTalk -
the first one, my answer to Mr. Wim De Bruyn's first attack didn't get to
EcoTalk for the reason unknown to me.
He is very offended by Ukraine and personally by me, as a representative of
this country, and, probably, I have to hold answer both for myself, and for

I do not have any insults on Mr. Wim A.De Bruyn. I have meeting with him only
once at railway station, when I has found time to meet him personally to put
him in the best of our hotels 'Dnepropetrovsk'.

What is the reason of Mr. Wim A.De Bruyn insults? Western person, probably, not
so rich, has got on a nobody financed conference. Mr. Wim A.De Bruyn all
Dnepropetrovsk insults (I do not concern of his Kiev insults) are possible to
break on 3 groups - monetary, aesthetic, scientific.


1.Vodka is too expensive, and the program did not stipulated any banquets.I
sincerely sympathise Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn, but Ukrainian scientists are not
understand him, as our Government has not paid our salary for 4-7 months.

2.In hotel they have tried to take 25 US dollars from Mr. Wim Bruyn for
the order of a hotel room. Well, so it is accepted in Ukraine. Besides Mr. Wim
A. De Bruyn has not allowed the hotel to become more rich on his dollars as he
has not paid his order.

3.Price of a hotel room was about 70 US dollars per day (without breakfast). It
is the usual price for such rooms in central hotels in Ukraine.

4.The dinner for 25 dollars, and then coffee with a sandwich for 7 dollars is
expensive - look the price in menu before order.

5.Organisational payment in 120 dollars for participation in a conference too
large for Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn but it is not important as he has paid nothing,
though we helped him by services of the good interpreter, not free-of-charge
for us, and offered him book of conference proceedings.

Aesthetic insults of Mr.Wim A. De Bruyn

1.The participants of a conference did not speak English, and my English is
'broken'. Yes it is bad. In the justification I shall tell only, that earlier
our city was closed, for there were many military enterprises, and we
had not any colloquial practice. Now for our contacts to western
scientists and experts, which want to have and already have in Ukraine
good business, our society becomes more opened and we visit ther countries
more often,
2.As Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn wrote I'm not a professor at all. Be
appeased, I'm the doctor of engineering science and professor already more
than 15 years, author of 300 patents and inventions, 4 books, 250 articles,
the "man of achievements" in 1995 (United Kingdom),the "man of the year-1997"
(USA, American Biographical Institute) and contacts with me by no means have
not humiliated your high scientific authority.
3. We presented few smiles to Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn. He draw wrong conclusion
and generalises. Ukraine is the country which always distinguished by
hospitality and kindness. But who will smile to the person, which continuously
rows from the moment of the stepping on platform of Dnepropetrovsk railway
station, even if something is not pleasant to him.
4. Aesthetic tastes of Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn were offended by abundance of
'second hand' furniture in a hall of a House of the Scientists. It was an
exhibition of the best modern italian furniture for our very rich people.
Probably, Mr Wim A. De Bruyn is so rich and owns such magnificent furniture,
that this furniture had seemed to him as 'second hand'. Secondly, only due to
such commercial projects, as this exhibition, our city was possible to save
the House of Scientists and Palace of the Students during the economic
5. They have submitted him dinner on a 'rickety table covered with a
greasy plastic table cloth'. It's terrible! Well, we in such cases ask they to
replace cloth.

Scientific insults.

The main problem was conference had only indirect attitude to Mr. Wim A. De
Bruyn report theme (Name of our conference was 'CLEANER PRODUCTION and WASTE
MANAGEMENT '. It is far from Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn report's theme ' The Natural
Responsibility of the Consumer for Human Nature and The Maintenance of the
Integrity of Nature'). The conference was local, western scientists were
slightly (here Wim A. De Bruyn is a little non-corrected: except him, there
were participants from Great Britain, Russia and Czech). They attempted to
solve the problem of Ukrainian and other countries waste processing. Therefore
a little bit declarative Mr. Wim A.De Bruyn's report was of no interest for
the participants. Besides before conference we had the symposium on
regional and
global problems of sustainable development where Mr. De Bruyn problems were
discussed on much higher level.
Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn would like to have more high scientific level of our
conference. But about 70 Doctors of Sciences, Professors, Academicians were
its participants. We have the book only of thesises about 100 pages.

Usually we are organising similar conference several times a year.
ECOLOGY". Environmental - economic crisis in the Ukraine dictates the
necessity for complex inve tory of both measures directed at solving
environmental problems and resources required for effective environmental
activities. The current situation is aggravated by the uncontrolled transition
to the market economy in the conditions of poor environ ental legislation,
when disbalanced of industrial activities may lead to technological
environmental disasters. At the same time drastic reductions in military
production due to the defensive of the military-industrial complex. The
military sphere, omprising of Armed Forces entities, military-related
industrial and scientific-technical capacities, appears to be one of the
largest of resources for dealing with environmental problems both in military
and civil spheres of human activities. Effecti e implementation of these
capacities heavily relies on clear definition of:
*Environmental problems,
*Environmental priorities and their classification,
*Technical, technological, industrial and intellectual
resources of military-industrial complex,
*Economic and legislation mechanisms for rational use of
military resources. Ecological conversion programmes are recognised as one of
the working mechanisms for goal orientated conversion of the
military-industrial complex in the interests of environmental protection.
Unfortunately, up to date th Ukraine has nor such programmes, neither an
elaborated concept for overall military conversion. Therefore, the ARW
objectives were to define a strategy for implementation of technical,
scientific and industrial resources of the military industrial complex of in
providing environmental safety in the Ukraine, and to outline possibilities
and priorities for international co-operation and investment policy in
proposed areas.

That's all 'insults' of our western visitor. It is a pity, certainly, he
has not found himself in the Ukraine. But I would not recommend him and many
other participants of correspondence to do so far going generalisations on the
basis one message of very western person, which nothing, except a dirty cloth,
has failed to see in the huge country, this country highest level of culture,
art and sciences know all cultural people of a planet about.

Now it is heavy in this country. It is difficult for us to solve problems
of a transitive period without the help of other countries, but we already for
a long time have understood, that many sirs similar Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn, are
visiting us only in searches of entertainment and exotic and they are not
going to help solve our problems.

For a long time we have ceased to look in eyes to the representatives of
western business and science with hope. You do not support our science, it is
unprofitable for you. At us and today Ukraine has one of the most strong in
the world science and we for a long time do not appeal to the scientists of the
world about the help. We offered and we offer only co-operation, the mutual
beneficial co-operation for the decision of modern problems not only in the
Ukraine, but also in the third countries. We already have positive experience
of such co-operation and, is sure, it will develop.

Here therefore we invite to co-operation those, who wants to engage in
business, including scientific, in the Ukraine. Look the applied program only
of our ecological organisation. Is sure, much will interest you.

Well, let Mr. Wim A. De Bruyn enjoys cheap coffee with vodka behind a table
covered with a pure cloth, at home. We don't invite him.

William Zadorsky,

The rest of his 25 k message deals with trade fairs or exhibition fairs, as
he calls them, which he is organising.

I do not know what his first letter is, to which he refers in the second
paragraph, since he did not send me a cc of it.


End of GreenYes Digest V98 #46