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'Federal and State legislation needed to force manufacturers to pay for
Job Opening at MFF
May SD Earth Times is now online
new sustainability websites
Public Hearing 5/14 - radioactive/haz waste

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Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 23:37:28 +0900 From: (Hop) Subject: 'Federal and State legislation needed to force manufacturers to pay for recycling'

The following article, hot off the press, describes the plight of the Local Government Recycling Co-operative in Sydney, Australia, in which councils (and their ratepayers) continue to subsidise the collection of packaging and recyclables in the absence of adequate remuneration and responsibility from industry, particularly the packaging industry. Local Government is consequently stepping-up its campaign for greater industry responsibility and the introduction of container deposit legislation (CDL).

Sydney Morning Herald - Monday, May 11, 1998

Recycling at risk as cash flow dries up

By MATTHEW RUSSELL, Local Government Writer

Sydney's household paper and bottle collection industry is on the verge of collapse, with a confidential Government report revealing that the largest council recycling group is unable topay its bills and is in dangerof bankruptcy.

The report, commissioned by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) and obtained by the Herald, says the kerbside recycling industry is at risk because of the poor management practices of the Local Government Recycling Co-operative.

The co-operative, which claims 37 metropolitan councils as members, was saved from collapse only by an EPA bail-out of $2 million in June last year.

This was accompanied by a condition from the NSW Environment Minister, Ms Allan, that the co-operative change its business practices. The report says this has not been fulfilled.

The co-operative has been distributing too much money in dividends to its member councils and not keeping enough in reserve to meet its obligations to its creditors, the report by the accountants Robert E Corben Pty Ltd says.

"It would appear the co-operative had almost reached the point of insolvency at June 30, 1997. However, cash flow continued to be utilised to meet obligations to member councils and contractors at the expense of other trade creditors."

The co-operative owed its trade creditors, including waste contracting companies such as Collex, $1.342 million as at December 31, 1997.

The co-op claimed it was a victim of its own success. The volume of recyclable material collected from households had increased so much that prices, particularly for recyclable paper, had collapsed.

More recently it blamed the economic turmoil in Asia, which forced down export prices for used paper from $60 a tonne to $7 a tonne.

The report acknowledged this had weakened the co-op's finances, but said it was not the cause of the problem.

Just over a week ago, the State Government approved $1.7 million for the co-op, but it is understood to be considering withdrawing the money until the management adopts a sound business plan or appoints an administrator.

It is believed Ms Allan would prefer the co-op to keep trading. However, if this is not feasible, she is preparing a plan to ensure that recycling will continue, either through Regional Waste Boards or directly between local councils and contractors.

The president of the Local Government Association, Mr Peter Woods, said the report was "irrelevant" because it did not address the industry-wide crisis in recycling and tried to imply that the only problems were within the co-operative.

Federal and State legislation was needed to force the manufacturers of the waste to pay for recycling their own products.

"Unless we see a minimisation in packaging and unless we start looking seriously at things like container deposit legislation and a whole range of other alternatives, then we're going to be in one hell of a mess."

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Date: Mon, 11 May 1998 21:31:43 EDT From: KiviLeroux <> Subject: Job Opening at MFF

Apologies for cross-postings. . .=20


Program Director

Deadline: Resumes must be received by Friday, May 22, 1998

The Materials for the Future Foundation (MFF) is a nonprofit organization promoting community economic development for low-income communities through the creation and expansion of reuse, recycling, and remanufacturing enterprises in Northern California. Our staff of nine seeks a highly motivated, creative, easy-going, and experienced individual to join our= team as Program Director. =20


Program Responsibilities:

=95 Provide direct technical, financial, and business development assistance= to non-profit enterprises and community-based entrepreneurs.

=95 Manage collaborations and develop partnerships with other organizations= on specific projects.

=95 Conduct research and promote public policies that support= recycling-based economic development.

=95 Research and write fact sheets, issue papers, articles, and technical assistance materials.=20

=95 Help develop and implement grant-making activities, including program design, assessment of proposals, and project management.

Management Responsibilities:

=95 Directly supervise junior staff and interns.=20

=95 Develop annual workplan and monitor implementation.

=95 Work with the Executive Director on fund development.

=95 Monitor and document the progress and accomplishments of MFF's= programs.

=95 Assist Executive Director with other management tasks including budget development, Board relations, and overall administration.


=95 Five years experience and college education in the recycling,= environmental, community economic development, and/or business administration fields.

=95 Five years of project management and/or supervisory experience.

=95 Strong analytical, writing, and communication skills.

=95 Excellent time management and organizational skills.

=95 Working knowledge of recycling and community development issues and organizations, especially in the San Francisco Bay Area.

=95 Hands-on experience similar to the responsibilities outlined above.


The starting salary for this position is $42,000 to $47,000 depending on experience. MFF provides full health and dental benefits. Our offices are located in the Thoreau Center for Sustainability on the Presidio, which is part of the nation's largest urban national park, including views of the= San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Mail, fax, or email a cover letter and resume to Program Director Opening, Materials for the Future Foundation, P.O. Box 29091, San Francisco, CA = 94129. Fax (415) 561-6474. Email: Phone (415) 561-6530.=20


For additional information about MFF, please visit our website at For specific questions about the position,= please call Coy Smith, Executive Director, or Kivi Leroux, (outgoing) Program Director, at (415) 561-6530.

MFF is an Equal Opportunity Employer. =20 People of Color Strongly Encouraged to Apply.


Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 13:03:39 -0700 From: Carolyn Chase <> Subject: May SD Earth Times is now online

May '98 Table of Contents

Local Ecology

Growth vs. evolution by Carolyn Chase We're solidly on the track of urban sprawl. Is there the political will needed to change our course?

California Water Alert: attend public hearing 5/12 in Encinitas Support the call for more conservation, not more cement.

Conservation group endorses Zucchet for San Diego City Council A real pro-environment choice ... what a surprise. It's time for region-wide development fees by Jerry Harmon It's time for new developments to pay their own way or would you rather continue to do it?

Global Ecology

Four shades of green If the developing world is ready to follow in our footsteps; let's be= sure we're heading the right direction.

How will increased ultraviolet radiation affect forests?

Overnight shipping industry cuts waste Several high-volume shippers are now using recycled containers.


Rights of money versus rights of living persons It's time to revisit the rulings that give corporations the same rights as individuals.

In Your Garden by the Garden Goddess Interview with a Pest Insect Vampire You wouldn't want to meet one of these in a dark alley it you were a= bug.

Diet & Health

National Cancer Institute announces increase in fruit and vegetable= consumption The public seems to be getting the message.

Global warming and dengue fever Global warming allows the incursion of this dangerous mosquito-borne= virus into temperate regions.

New study details the saturated fat/cholesterol link

Dakota goes green by the Green Restaurant Association Green restaurant review of Dakota Bar & Grill.


Entrepreneur creates new miniature fuel cell This innovation could have a profound effect on our lives as a= replacement for toxic batteries.

Observations from the edge by Robert Nanninga One Nation Under Apathy Our resident eco-radical is disgusted at the indifference of the general public but who cares?

Carolyn Chase, Editor

Tel: (619)272-7423 (SDET) FAX: (619)272-2933 email: P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169

"Each of the great social achievements of recent decades has come about not because of government proclamations, but because people organized, made demands and made it good politics for governments to respond. It is the political will of the people that makes and sustains the political will of governments." -- James Grant, Executive Director, UNICEF


Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 03:57:06 -0400 From: martin charter <> Subject: new sustainability websites

Dear colleagues--please take a look at two fully updated websites--apologies for any cross postings:

The Centre for Sustainable Design ( * managing eco-design * sustainable product development and design * design aspects of environmental communications * journal of sustainable product design

Epsilon ( * Includes free downloadable 'business and environment' information

Please feel free to forward to your lists

Cheers--Martin Charter


Date: Sun, 10 May 1998 14:32:56 -0700 From: Carolyn Chase <> Subject: Public Hearing 5/14 - radioactive/haz waste



Thursday, May 14, 1998 7:00 pm Village Hall in Village Elementary School 600 6th Street Coronado, CA

Please attend.


The California State Department of Toxic Substances Control is preparing to issue a permit to the Navy to site a Mixed Waste Facility on Naval Air Station, North Island in Coronado.

Mixed Waste is radioactive, hazardous waste.

This facility will store low-level radioactive waste from NASNI and from other bases. It will result in more radioactive waste traveling on our residential streets and through communities. DTSC has repeatedly refused to conduct a proper environmetnal analysis or mitigate impacts from these Navy projects.

This facility is part of the nuclear homeporting project but was analyzed separately in the traditional piecemeal fashion of the Navy.

Please attend. If you have questions, please call Laura Hunter at (619)235-0281.


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