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GreenYes Digest Fri, 5 Jun 98 Volume 98 : Issue 128

Today's Topics:
Cities Which have done surveys on willingness to
Fundraiser Needed For Waste Prevention Campaign
GreenYes Digest V98 #127
Job Opportunity in the Big Easy!! (fwd)
SEPTEMBER Release for Subsidies Report
Supermarket-based education campaigns (2 msgs)

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Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 09:15:55 -0700
From: Richard Anthony <>
Subject: Cities Which have done surveys on willingness to

>>> ARTHUR CAPLAN <ACAPLANDoes anyone know of other cities which have
performed such surveys in the recent past?


When the County of San Diego prohibited the land filling of designated
recyclables in 1991, the Resource Recovery staff hired MKM to do a survey
and prepare educational materials. The survey was well designed and
invloved a fair sampling of residents and revealed several positive trends.
Significantly, the majority of the public was in favor of mandatory
separation programs and were willing to pay extra to get the service.

Since the County just sold the landfills here for $185 million to Allied
there isn't anyone to talk to in the County, but the consultant who did the
study, Marlene Mariani can be reached at 760-944-1415

Rick Anthony
San Diego CA


Date: Thu, 04 Jun 1998 15:20:35 -0700
From: David Assmann <>
Subject: Fundraiser Needed For Waste Prevention Campaign

Request For Proposals:
Save Money and the Environment Too Fundraiser

Fundraising proposals are being accepted for the Bay Area's Save Money and the
Environment Too annual waste prevention campaign. Individual or firm to help
raise funds from private foundations and companies to augment the existing
$150,000 budget from cities and counties. Proposals due July 15, 1998 to
David Assmann, Senior Administrator, San Francisco Solid Waste Management
Program, 1145 Market Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, CA. For more
information respond by email or call 554-3409.


Date: Wed, 03 Jun 1998 23:09:43 -0400
From: Michele Raymond <>
Subject: GreenYes Digest V98 #127

Dear Greenyes folks:

I agree that professor should contact Lize Skumatz. She has done the most
work on volume based fees, and does not always get credit for it. EPA gave
newer contracts to a university. She has a major database of city
information which is proprietary, but no one else is keeping this kind of
data. I noticed that in the book "Why do we Recycle?" the author
discounted VBF as a good policy but did not reference Skumatz at all. The
other studies do not look at enough cities, according to Skumatz.
Give Lisa her credit!

Michele Raymond
(we're moving July 1 to:
5111 berwyn Rd. Ste 115
College Park MD 20740
Same phone

At 04:30 AM 6/4/98 PDT, you wrote:
>GreenYes Digest Thu, 4 Jun 98 Volume 98 : Issue 127
>Today's Topics:
> Cities Which have done surveys on willingness to participate
> Pigmented Milk Bottles and Milk Bottle Labels
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>Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 15:25:12 +0000
>From: "Caroline Brimblecombe" <>
>Subject: Cities Which have done surveys on willingness to participate
>Hello Prof. Caplan,
>I recommend you get in touch with Lisa Skumatz, Skumatz Economic
>Research Associates - I hope I have accurately relayed the name of
>her firm (?SERA) - I believe she is based in Seattle.
>Someone else on GreenYes may have her contact details.
>The Tellus Institute may also have some info for you. They have a
>web site which I do not have the URL for, but should be
>easily locatable.
>Caroline Truth Brimblecombe
>> Hello everybody. I am writing from the campus of Weber State
>> University, located in beautiful Ogden, Utah. I am a professor of
>> economics here, and I am in the beginning phase of analyzing some
>> survey data recently collected from Ogden city's residents. The survey
>> (conducted over the phone by a private research firm) queried residents'
>> willingness to participate in and to pay for various types of recycling
>> programs - curbside, centralized drop-off, and green waste pickup.
>> (Believe it or not there still are medium-sized cities in this country that
>> have successfully eschewed such programs). In an effort to estimate
>> what could explain the variation in the respondants' answers, the city of
>> Ogden has graciously provided me with the complete data set. Based on
>> this survey, I may be able to draw some qualified conclusions, but surely
>> my conclusions would be more generalizable if I have more data,
>> particularly from other parts of the country.
>> That's where this posting comes in. Does anyone know of other cities
>> which have performed such surveys in the recent past? If so, can you
>> give me some contacts? Any suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Arthur Caplan
>Caroline Truth Brimblecombe
>United Kingdom
>Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 10:11:39 -0500
>From: "RecycleWorlds" <>
>Subject: Pigmented Milk Bottles and Milk Bottle Labels
> Previously, there was a substantial dialog on Greenyes concerning
>Hood Dairy's decision to pigment their milk bottles. This is to
>followup with more recent activity in the Northeast which is Hood's
> The larger dairy in the area is Garelick Farms. Even though Hood
>has been giving substantial discounts to boost market share to
>"justify" its pigmentation decision, Garelick refused to go along and
>has committed to continuing with the traditional transluscent bottle.
> Moreover, Garelick has done something else too of major import to
>recyclers. One of the more intractable contaminants in recycled HDPE
>milk jugs has been the adhesives used in to hold on the label. Rubber
>based adhesives are used with milk jugs and some other applications,
>because they adhere well to milk jugs even in the presence of
>condensation that accumulates on the container especially when it is
>removed from a refrigerator during the summer. However, these
>adhesives are difficult to remove during reprocessing. (Acrylic based
>adhesives are more compatible with recycling processes because they
>tend to disperse much better during the washing stages, especially
>under alkaline conditions. However, most acrylics do not bond as well
>as rubber and tend to be slightly more expensive.)
> Research to address this issue is currently being undertaken by
>the Tag and Label Institute and the National Association for Plastic
>Container Recovery. A technical fix involving reformulation of the
>adhesive has been one line of inquiry. This has involved using an
>additive with an acrylic that would maintain its adhesion to the HDPE
>substrate even when non-alkaline cold water droplets form on a
>refrigerated bottle's surface, yet retain acrylic's tendency to lose
>its tackiness when placed in warm alkaline wash water used in the
>recycling process. Early indications, unfortunately, suggested that
>while this would "fix" the problem, the acrylic would impose a
>slightly higher cost. Since diary's are a low margin industry that
>buy solely on price, the practicality of that route looked unclear.
> Garelick looked "outside the box" for a solution, and, in the
>process came up with an answer that completely eliminates the need for
>an adhesive at all, and does so without any cost penalty. The answer
>is as elegant as it is simple: they used a polypropylene shrink wrap.
>Normally shrink wraps have been used with cylindrical bottles on which
>the shrinkage holds them in place. However, this does not work on
>non-cylindrical shapes such as the rounded edge, square shape of milk
>bottle. To adapt the shrink wrap to a milk bottle, Garelick
>redesigned the bottle mold to provide an indentation in the vertical
>wall of the bottle for the label to be seated and held in place.
> As we all have seen, it is becoming far less common for company's
>that use plastic containers to evince any interest in helping
>recyclers in today's climate. To have a company in a low margin
>commodity industry invest R&D to improve recycling really stands out
>deserving for commendation.
> I nominated Garelick for the National Recycling Coalition's
>Outstanding Corporate Leadership Award (if anyone wants a copy of the
>nomination as a WordPerfect 5.1 attachment, let me know). If anyone
>else would like to write to support the nomination, that would be very
>useful. Support letters should be sent to:
> 1998 NRC Awards Program
> c/o SERA
> 1511 Third Avenue Suite 1000
> Seattle, WA 98101
> If you do, please send me a copy so I can pass it along to
>Garelick. It's important that they get as much positive feedback as
>Peter Anderson
>RecycleWorlds Consulting
>4513 Vernon Blvd. Ste. 15
>Madison, WI 53705-4964
>Phone:(608) 231-1100/Fax: (608) 233-0011
>End of GreenYes Digest V98 #127
Michele Raymond
Recycling Laws International/ State Recycling Laws Update
6429 Auburn Ave. Riverdale MD 20737-1614
(NOTE: As of JULY 1, 1998 NEW Address will be:
5111 Berwyn Rd. Ste 115 College Park, MD 20740)
301/345-4237 Fax 345-4768


Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:18:50 -0500 (CDT)
From: Alicia Lyttle <>
Subject: Job Opportunity in the Big Easy!! (fwd)

Hello everyone, please pass this on....

The City Of New Orleans is Seeking a Recycling Manager
responsibilites include developing city-wide public awareness programs and
coordinating the curbside recycling program.
Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor's Degree and four years experience in the
development and management of a broad-based community, educational or
governmental program, preferably in an environmental, waste management or
related area. Experience in developing community programs to educate
adults and children on environmental or waste management issues is
preferred. A Masters or Professional degree in an appropriate or related
field will be counted toward the professional requirement.

While a provisional appointment may be made in the near future, the
successful candidate will have to pass a Civil Service examination in
order to secure appointment in a probationary Civil Service position.
This examination will include an oral presentation, a written exercise,
and a rating of training and experience.

Please not:
Appropriate and documented volunteer experience may be substituted for
paid experience at the rate of 1750 hours of volunteer experience equaling
one year of paid experience.

Applicants must be residents of Orleans Parish or willing to relocate to
Orleans Parish prior to accepting this position.

** Please submit detainled resume to Sharon Carr Harrington, Director,
2400 Canal Street, Suite 1E01, New Orleans, LA 70119 by Thursday July 2,

{this is a great opportunity to improve a program that drastically needs
improvement! New Orleans is a great city- hope to see someone here soon.
If you would like to contact me my number is 504-286-8561}


Date: Fri, 5 Jun 1998 03:39:33 -0400
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Subject: SEPTEMBER Release for Subsidies Report

SEPTEMBER Release for Subsidies Report

Thanks to everyone who has responded to
our call for help in releasing a new report on
federal taxpayer subsidies that hurt recycling.
The response has been wonderful!

The report, Welfare for Wasting: How Federal
Taxpayer Subsidies Waste Materials and
Discourage Recycling, is a project of
Taxpayers for Common Sense, the GrassRoots
Recycling Network with the Materials
Efficiency Project, and Friends of the Earth.
Note that our working title is now Welfare for
Wasting (formerly Paying to Waste).

The new release date will be in September,
with the exact date yet to be determined.

The major reason for a September release is to
raise the issue closer to the White House Recycling
Summit scheduled for November. The Summit
presents a unique opportunity to get the federal
taxpayer subsidy issue the attention it deserves.
We have also postponed the release to
incorporate the excellent input we have received
on the draft report.

Our plan is still to have the report released locally
in communities across the United States. Please
contact me if you or your organization wants to
endorse or help release the report.

Thanks for your patience and support!

Bill Sheehan

Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens GA 30604-9283
After June 8:
Tel 706-613-7121
Fax 706-613-7123


Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 11:11:33 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: Supermarket-based education campaigns

My apologies for any multiple-postings.

The Bronx (New York) Solid Waste Advisory Board is currently
collaborating with a number of supermarket chains to develop an
education campaign promoting waste prevention.

We are very interested in obtaining sample posters, shelf signs,
grocery bag with environmental messages, etc. that have been used
elsewhere around the country. We are also interested in any research
discussing ways to measure the impact of these campaigns.

Thanks for any help or referrals that you can provide.

Steve Hammer
Hammer Environmental Consulting
5294 Sycamore Ave.
Bronx, NY 10471
tel: (718) 548-5285
fax: (718) 548-5257


Date: Thu, 4 Jun 1998 15:46:14 EDT
Subject: Supermarket-based education campaigns


The San Francisco Bay Area program is probably one of the best in the US for
this. Contact: David Assman, 415-554-3409.

Gary Liss
Gary Liss & Associates
Fax: 916-652-0485


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