June '98 SD Earth Times

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June '98 San Diego Earth Times Table of Contents

Local Ecology
Out of Balance
The environment gets short shrift at City Hall.
Hidden costs of water transfers
Moving water around discourages conservation.
Sport utility vehicle sleight-of-hand
The Big 3 resort to accounting tricks to avoid auto pollution
Abandoned wells pose threat in San Diego County

Global Ecology
World is economically richer and environmentally poorer
New Worldwatch study documents the state of the world.
34,000 species of plants in 200 countries threatened with extinction
Smoggy ozone found over tropical paradise islands
Widespread fires cause high altitude pollution.
Getting to the root of the problem
A lack of understanding impedes solutions to environmental problems.
Exports of hazardous pesticides from U.S. ports increase
It's not legal here, so they ship it overseas.
Mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles suffering major declines
Extinction rates are 100 to 1000 times normal.

Clean, quiet, cool and ready for the road
The first street-ready, fuel cell powered car.

In Your Garden
Pest and disease control for your roses
Easy, non-toxic solutions for rose pests.

Diet & Health Natural
Vitamin E retained two times better than synthetic
All Vitamin E sources are not equivalent.
The taste buds like and the heart thanks
Green Restaurant review.
Scientists seek early warning of drinking water threats
Building an early warning system for pathogens that
may be able to slip through current water purification processes.
New food safety steps for imports urged
Food safety laws are in place if they are adequately enforced.

San Diego EarthWorks
Saying goodbye
EarthWorks' Kari Gray moves on.

Observations from the Edge
Particles of Paradise
Looking for a new model for society.
Reality Check #436 - Speaking Frankly
Our resident eco-radical looks at the electoral process,
Old Blue Eyes, and society.

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