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Today's Topics:
Job Opening
Recycling Job Opportunity, St. Paul

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Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 11:48:18 -0700
From: David Assmann <>
Subject: Job Opening


TITLE: Outreach Assistant (Special Assistant 1365)
San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program


The San Francisco Recycling Program and the Hazardous Waste Management
Programs are part of the Solid Waste Management Program of the Administrative
Services Department of the City and County of San Francisco. The Recycling
Program provides programs and information to the public on waste reduction,
reuse, recycling, composting and the purchase of recycled materials. The
Hazardous Waste Program provides programs and information to the public on
hazardous waste, including reduction of the production of hazardous waste.
Effective implementation of recycling and waste prevention programs requires
extensive outreach, often utilizing short-term targeted campaigns.


Under the direction of the Public Outreach Coordinator, help coordinate
trilingual targeted neighborhood outreach campaigns, manage seasonal outreach
campaigns and research, write and coordinate production of trilingual outreach
materials. Research, writing, and production assistance, and outreach program
development and implementation assistance are needed. Some evening and
weekend work required.


* Help coordinate and manage targeted neighborhood outreach campaigns;
* Make presentations to community and neighborhood organizations
* Write press releases, letters and other forms of written communication
* Oversee the implementation of seasonal outreach campaigns (such as holiday
waste reduction, phone book recycling and special compost bin sales);
* Research, write, develop and coordinate the production of targeted
trilingual outreach materials, including special technical assistance and
educational materials; and
* Prepare, write and conduct special presentations for targeted outreach
* Design materials for use in outreach campaigns;
* Help maintain and update our trilingual hotline and our web site; and
* Other projects will be added as required. Projects may also be deleted,
depending on the needs of the outreach programs being implemented.


B.A. in Environmental Studies or related field;
1 or more years of demonstrated experience working on recycling outreach
Excellent communication skills;
Ability to conduct recycling outreach presentations; and
Good computer skills, including IBM and MacIntosh, including graphic design


Bilingual - Ability to speak Spanish, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Chinese, Russian or
other language commonly spoken in San Francisco.
Background in media or public relations


1365 Special Assistant -Salary range $36,305 - $44,005
Appointment above the lowest step requires approval by the Appointing Officer
and is available only under limited circumstances. Authorization of this
position is pending. This is an exempt position.


Interested candidates should send a resume and cover letter to:

"Public Outreach Assistant" Recruitment
Solid Waste Management Program
1145 Market Street, Suite 401
San Francisco, CA 94103

Applications must be received no later than 5 pm on July 6, 1998. Postmarks
not accepted (May be extended).

San Francisco is an equal opportunity employer.
Minority, women and disabled candidates are encouraged to apply


Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 14:56:06 -0500
From: "Hatti Koth" <>
Subject: Recycling Job Opportunity, St. Paul

Please post and pass on this message.

Employment Opportunity

DATE: June 19, 1998

Position Title: Recycling Program Director
Reports to: Executive Director
Starting Salary Range: $39,000 - 43,000 per year plus benefits
Benefits: Health, dental, long term disability, personal days and holidays.
Retirement benefits after one year of employment.

Background: The Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy Consortium (NEC) is a
nonprofit coalition of community organizations serving Saint Paul area
residents and businesses. Its purpose is to provide information, services
and programs that contribute to an environmentally responsible community.
The NEC's recycling program directly serves 114,000 single- and multi-family
households and numerous municipa
l and community buildings.

The NEC works on a wide array of environmental issues. Programs and
services are offered in the areas of recycling and waste reduction, energy
conservation, water quality protection, greening, transportation and toxin
reduction. The NEC is an innovative, urban organization on the forefront of
waste reduction and recycling programs. The NEC engages in creative
projects and partnerships. The rec
ycling program director is in a position to develop and implement new waste
reduction and recycling initiatives.

Position Description: The recycling program director leads the NEC's twelve
source/waste reduction and recycling team members in the areas of program
planning, budgeting, implementation, management, evaluation, data analysis
and related reporting for all projects. The director is responsible for
fund development, contract development and oversight, budget preparation and
administration. This per
son is responsible for monitoring local and state legislative activity as it
pertains to the NEC's programs and mission. When appropriate, the program
director will represent the NEC in local, state and national activities that
further the NEC's goals and mission.

The NEC is seeking a motivated self-starter who is creative, innovative and
visionary with demonstrated success in the recycling industry. The ideal
candidate will have a compendium of skills enabling them to work with NEC's
dynamic staff, board of directors and community volunteers to continue to
develop and expand on the NEC's ability to deliver cutting-edge,
cost-effective, environmentally ben
eficial recycling and waste reduction programs.
Job Responsibilities: 1. Work with the NEC's recycling team to develop
annual program budgets. Develop specifications, negotiate and administer
purchasing or bidding of services from hauling contractors and others to
foster the development and continued expansion of source reduction and
recycling programs. Secure all funding for programs and demonstration
projects including grants, fee-for-ser
vice contracts, donations and in-kind services.

2. Work with the director of solid waste for the city of St. Paul to
develop annual program objectives. Guide and coordinate the activities of
team members, the executive director, consultants, committees, board members
and others to achieve project goals in a timely manner within budget.
Provide direction, assist staff in prioritizing work plan goals and
overcoming barriers to achieving desire
d outcomes.

3. Provide technical services to board members, elected officials,
neighborhood organizations and businesses and the general public. Work with
the recycling team and others to develop and implement plans and operations
for innovative and successful new recycling programs. Resolve issues
related to these programs.

4. Provide industry updates, analysis and recommendations to the executive
director and board of directors regarding industry trends and current
issues. Work with the board of directors and others on long range planning
for the recycling and waste reduction programs.

Qualifications: 1. Successful development of new programs including
start-up and feasibility planning, budgeting of resources, determination of
desired outcomes and methods of achieving those outcomes within the resource
budget. Successful budget development, budget management and grant writing
skills essential.

2. Excellent community relations skills. Ability to successfully initiate
projects with diverse agencies, community groups, volunteers, individuals
and staff is essential. Must have experience with collaborations and
creative partnerships that have achieved success.

3. Comprehensive understanding of the critical issues facing the recycling
industry especially as they relate to community recycling programs and local
economic development. Strong analytical skills and ability to effectively
articulate ideas and concepts through public speaking, written communication
and individual conversations and correspondence. Enterprise development
and/or market develop
ment experience. Minimum of four years experience in the recycling industry
or closely related field.

4. Minimum of four years supervisory experience required. Ability to build
teams, mentor staff, and communicate effectively with others within an
organization. Experience assisting staff and volunteers in developing skill
levels and building individual and organizational capacities.

Interested persons should submit a cover letter and resume no later than
close of business
July 17, 1998 to: Executive Director, Saint Paul Neighborhood Energy
Consortium, 475 N. Cleveland Ave., #100, Saint Paul, MN 55104

The NEC will not discriminate against or harass any employee or applicant
for employment on the basis of race, creed, religion, sex, national origin
or ancestry, familial statue, age, disability, marital status, status with
regard to public assistance or sexual or affectional orientation.


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