Planet GSA

Cindy Shea (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:26:40 -0500

I think Planet GSA is a great idea and I'd like to discuss it on our
website as a potential model for state
and local governments to use in their purchasing decisions, fleet
management, building practices, etc. I've called Fleming James and Sandy
Jones in Atlanta and read the PRNewswire release. Unfortunately, I still
don't have a good feel for where one goes to obtain detailed information
on the best products, and sources thereof. Given the rapidly changing
nature of these markets, does GSA plan to manage a website with current
information? Will this be available to an audience larger than GSA
employees and federal office buildings? Please advise. It's silly for
people to reinvent the wheel if you've already come up with good, usable

Cindy Pollock Shea