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GreenYes Digest Sat, 12 Sep 98 Volume 98 : Issue 182

Today's Topics:
GRRN Open Forum
job openings
Position Available
Zero Waste Case Studies at NRC

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Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:23:20 -0400
From: "Bill Sheehan" <>
Subject: GRRN Open Forum

The GrassRoots Recycling Network will hold an Open Forum at the National
Recycling Congress in Albuquerque on Monday, Sept. 14, 4 to 6 PM.

The Forum will be in the Acoma and Zuni rooms of the Convention Center West,
Lower Level.

Bill Sheehan
Network Coordinator
GrassRoots Recycling Network
P.O. Box 49283
Athens GA 30604-9283
Tel: 706-613-7121
Fax: 706-613-7123


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 12:49:29 -0800
From: (emily miggins)
Subject: job openings

ReThink Paper announces the following two job openings --

ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT for a small environmental organization.
Responsible for: assisting the director with day-to-day correspondence and
other administrative tasks, managing office systems (e.g., files, library,
document database), reproducing organizational publications, and
maintaining supply inventories. Must have a friendly attitude, basic
writing and word processing skills, strong organizational abilities, and a
passion for helping to save threatened forest ecosystems. FTE - salary 21K
+ excellent benefits. EOE No phone calls please. Deadline: Sep. 30.
Send cover letter and resume to: ReThink Paper, The Flood Building, 870
Market St., Suite 1011, San Francisco, CA 94102 / Web:

STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR for a small environmental organization.
Responsible for: strategic planning; budgetary/programmatic analysis; grant
writing; and research on the paper industry and wood use reduction (e.g.,
nonwood/recycled fibers, use efficiency) to be applied in publications and
policy development. Must have both vision and commitment to the
development of this area of expertise, excellent research/writing skills,
and at least 4 years of campaign/development experience. FTE - salary
30-32K DOE + excellent benefits. EOE No phone calls please. Deadline:
Sep. 30. Send cover letter, resume, and three writing samples to: ReThink
Paper, The Flood Building, 870 Market St., Suite 1011, San Francisco, CA
94102 / Web:


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 13:33:35 -0700
From: David Assmann <>
Subject: Position Available

San Francisco Solid Waste Management Program

Title: Class 1371 Commercial Resource Conservation Manager
Exempt Appointment

Application Due October 14, 1998

Position Available Immediately.

Salary Annual Salary Range of $56,402-$68,565
Appointment above the lowest step requires approval by the Appointing
Officer and is available only under limited circumstances.


The San Francisco Recycling Program is part of the Solid Waste Management
Program of the City and County of San Francisco. The Program is responsible
for ensuring that the City meets its recycling obligations and fully
implements the City's Source Reduction and Recycling Element. The City's
commercial sector includes all non-residential entities (businesses,
non-profit organizations, institutions, and public agencies) which number more
than 62,000 and collectively generate about 65 percent of the City's waste.
The Commercial Recycling Program serves as a liaison between the commercial
sector and recycling haulers and provides support and information about
resource conservation and setting up or expanding recycling programs.

The Position:
Under the direction of the Recycling and Hazardous Waste Program Manager, the
Commercial Resource Conservation Manager will be responsible for managing the
commercial recycling staff and developing and recommending policy on waste
reduction and recycling programs for the City's commercial sector, as well as
promoting San Francisco's Recycling Market Development Zone. Specifically,
the Manager will be responsible for analyzing the effectiveness of existing
programs, developing and recommending new ones that target additional
materials and businesses, working closely with commercial entities, City
Departments and recycling service providers, and supervising staff and

Examples of Duties:
* Recommend policy to increase waste diversion in the commercial sector.
* Develop and stage events and activities that promote resource conservation
opportunities in the commercial sector.
* Research and provide materials to market the San Francisco Market
Development Zone (RMDZ)
* Work with the San Francisco's commercial sector, and service providers.
* Collaborate with City Departments such as the San Francisco Enterprise Zone,
the Mayor's Office of Community Development and the Redevelopment Agency on
business retention and expansion activities;
* Prepare and manage budgets.
* Manage contracts to provide technical assistance to business and City
* Plan and organize workshops, seminars and roundtables.

Minimum Qualification:

* Five years work experience in the recycling/market development field, with
an emphasis on communication and marketing experience working with businesses.
A Bachelor's degree may be substituted for one year of work experience.
* Experience managing staff.
* Experience developing and marketing programs for targeted audiences.
* Proven ability to work well and coordinate with a variety of individuals,
agencies, businesses, trade associations and service providers.
* Excellent communication skills.
* Valid California Drivers License.

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Experience:

* Knowledge of, and experience with, the San Francisco business community.
* Experience preparing and managing budgets.
* Proficiency with word processing, database, and spreadsheet software.
* Excellent research and analytical skills.
* Ability to motivate others.
* Ability to work independently and in a team environment.
* Ability to plan and meet deadlines.

How To Apply: Mail a cover letter and resume to :
S.F. Solid Waste Management Program, Hiring Committee
Commercial Resource Conservation Manager
1145 Market Street, Suite 401, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Submittal Deadline: Resume and cover letter must be received no later than
October 14, 1998. Authorization of this position is pending.
(This deadline may be extended.)

an Equal Opportunity Employer


Date: Fri, 11 Sep 1998 10:18:09 -0400
From: Cindy Shea <>
Subject: Zero Waste Case Studies at NRC


You may want to mention two forthcoming articles that will be of
interest to zero waste attendees. "The Next Industrial Revolution"
(essentially a design revolution) by Bill McDonough and Michael
Braungart will appear in the October edition of Atlantic Monthly.
"Mimicking Nature by Designing Out Waste" by Cynthia Pollock Shea will
appear in the January/February edition of WorldWatch Magazine. Both
examine the means and current efforts to eliminate the concept of waste.



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