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Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 09:26:48 -0500
From: chelsea center for recycling and economic development
Subject: [GreenYes Digest] [GreenYes] Classroom displays
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Have you tried frame shops? They might have some odd sizes or scratched
pieces of plexiglass you can use. Also, try some museums-- they might have
something from old displays you can salvage.

>We want to build the displays using lumber from our deconstruction
>project from the former Fort Ord Army base but we need part of the
>display to be see-through.
>Does anyone know of a source of recycled content plexi-glass, or other
>clear plastic with recycled content?

Amy Perlmutter
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Economic Development
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From: "Brown, Rebecca" <>
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Subject: Re:[GreenYes] Plastic shopping bags
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Dear Jeff,

Though this doesn't answer the question of recycling plastic bags, I would
second the reply of Steve Schell. The more people who use reusable bags, the
less plastic and paper use/discard problems there will be. Have you contacted
the manufacturer of the plastic bags and discussed the problem with them?

I keep a bunch of bags in my car, of a couple of sizes. Every time I go to a
store, I pop the trunk, pull out the number of bags I think I might need, and
shopping. I get a nickel for each bag, too, from grocery stores, but not from
other stores. Nothing to get rich from, but I think that adds to the
on folks around me about the value of using your own bags. This also works
for those times when you need little bags for fruits or vegies. A net bag
that's see-through, but reusable, works good at the grocers. I also find it
easier to use these bags than paper, or those plastic ones that flop over, or
cut your hands. Plus, I don't have to figure out what to do with the plastic
bags.There's a lot of us out here frustrated by the same problem with all kinds
of plastic products!

Good luck,
Rebecca Brown
City of Woodland

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Subject: [GreenYes] Plastic shopping bags
Author: "Jeff Surfus" <>
Date: 12/2/98 6:58 AM

From: Jeff Surfus
Date: Wed, Dec 2, 1998 6:58 AM
Subject: [GreenYes] Plastic shopping bags
To: greenyes; multiple recipients of
Greenyes readers:

I know this has been discussed before, but I am writing an article about
this problem so I need some info if anyone can provide it.

Recently, the recycling stations here in Southeast Michigan have stopped
accepting any plastic shopping bags. The grocery stores used to have bins
where empties could be dropped off for recycling. All of this has stopped.
When questioned about this, the standard line the grocery stores or
recycling center operators use is that there is no recycling market for
these bags anymore.

My questions are:

Why has the market dried up (or was there ever a market to begin with)?
Once again, have we been sold a bill of goods by the plastics industry as to
the recylability of these bags?

What can be done with these bags, short of throwing them away, or saving and
reusing them over and over?

The bottom line is what can the everyday consumer do with these bags?
Unless it can be made really easy for consumers to recycle (e.g. a drop off
bin right inside the grocery store), they are going to throw the bags away.

Any thoughts or ideas?

Jeff Surfus

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Date: Thu, 03 Dec 1998 21:22:28 -0800
From: Myra Nissen <>
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Subject: [GreenYes Digest] [GreenYes] [Fwd: Industrial Ecology IV: 4/30-5/99:
Watsonville, CA]
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Dear Friend,

It appears that the location for Industrial Ecology IV (IE IV) was not
included in the invitation you received. The conference will be
held on April 30 - May 2, 1999 in the coastal mountains outside
of San Jose, CA. Last year's IE III conference sold out so sign up
early to reserve your space. You can also take advantage of our
registration discounts if you sign up before December 15, 1998.
The event description is included below. I hope to see you there.

Best Regards,

Tachi Kiuchi
Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation
Chairman, The Future 500

April 30 - May 2, 1999
Watsonville, CA (near San Jose)

**Register by December 15 and save up to 30% on your registration
fees! Registration form at end of message.

Sustainable business initiatives have long promised higher profits.
Many have not lived up to the promise. But a few initiatives have
generated extraordinary gains. How can we separate the profitable
opportunities from the illusory ones?

To explore that question, IE4 will draw industrial ecologists from
companies like AT&T, Nike, Target, Interface Carpets, Coors, Texaco,
Hewlett-Packard, Quantum, Mitsubishi Electric, and others. Three days
of practical, thought-provoking workshops and roundtables will explore
how to grow businesses and an economy as creative, productive, and
sustainable as nature.

The focus of IE4 will be on PRACTICAL APPLICATION. Hands-on
business professionals will share their stories - people who aren't just
thinking about sustainability, but are challenged to seek it every day, in
the face of real barriers.

IE4 won't be a standard sit-and-listen conference. Experts will make
compelling presentations. Then, everyone will engage in direct,
hands-on discussions, demonstrations, and exercises. Together we will

>Six New Systems of Measurement that drive economic and
environmental costs toward zero, and highlight new business niches and
profit opportunities.

>Four New Systems of Management that create high-performance
businesses - more creative, productive, profitable, purposeful,

>New Regulatory, Legislative, and Tax Reform Agendas that unite
businesses and environmentalists.

>Powerful Emerging Movements: Zero Waste, Natural Capitalism,
Benign Design, Ecological Engineering, Design for Environment,
Biomimicry, and more.

Come Join Us! Help plant the seeds of living businesses and the living
economy. We look forward to seeing you there.


Confirmed participants include:
Anita Burke, Exec. VP, Equilon (Texaco-Shell venture); Jim Bosch,
Environmnental Services Team Leader, Target/Mervyns; Fritjof
Capra, Director, Center for Ecoliteracy; David Hurst, former Exec. VP,
Russelsteel; Tachi Kiuchi, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Electric;
Janine Benyus, Author, Biomimicry ; Susan Burns, President, Natural
Strategies; Gil Friend, President, Gil Friend and Assoc.; Miha Pogcnik,
Transformers Creative Network ; Lynn Scarlett, Exec. Director, Reason
Public Policy Institute; Bill Shireman, CEO, Global Futures and others.

Invited guests include:
Brad Allenby, VP EH&S, AT&T; Ray Anderson, CEO, Interface, Inc.;
Bill Coors, Chairman, Coors Brewing; Dee Hock, Founder and
CEO emeritus, Visa; Kevin Kelly, Exec. Editor, Wired Magazine,
Bill McDonough, Dean, UVA School of Architecture, and others

Sign up by December 15th and take advantage of significant
early registration discounts:

Early Registration (**by 12/15)
Full Event (Apr 30-May 2): Member $395; Non-Member $495
Workshop Only (Apr 30): Member $145; Non-Member $195
Weekend Only (May 1-2): Member $295; Non-Member $395

Regular Registration
Full Event (Apr 30-May 2): Member $545; Non-Member $695
Workshop Only (Apr 30): Member $195; Non-Member $295
Weekend Only (May 1-2): Member $395; Non-Member $495

ON-SITE ACCOMODATIONS (Roundtable Retreat)
Meals and housing $200
Meals only $125

*Housing begins on 4/29 and is based on dorm-style accommodation.
Also available, double (add $75) and triple (add $50) rooms. For more
information contact Effie Greathouse at (916) 486-5999.

Take advantage of member prices listed above by joining the Future
500. Membership also includes a package of benefits. For more info.

*Future 500 Limited Membership:
$395 (business) $195 (individual/non-profit)

*Future 500 Full Corporate Membership: $5,000

Gain special recognition and benefits at Industrial Ecology IV by taking
advantage of our exhibitor and sponsorship packages. Call (916) 486-
5999 or email for details.

The easiest way to sign up is to visit our web site sign-up form at You can also complete
and e-mail, fax, or mail the form below (our contact info. is at the
bottom of the form):

Method of Payment: Check VISA MasterCard
# ________________

Expires ___________

Name/Title ____________________________________

Organization ___________________________________

Address _______________________________________

City, State, Zip _________________________________

Phone/FAX ____________________________________

Email and Web _________________________________

Email, fax or send this form to:

Cathy Johnson (
Global Futures
801 Crocker Road
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 486-5999 fax 5990

Online Registration: