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Date: Fri, 11 Dec 1998 10:45:22 -0600
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System Designed to Provide Information to Texas Recyclers

The Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC) announces its
Recycling Markets Information System (RMIS) Web site, and encourages review,
comments, and recommendations for continued improvements. RMIS is an online
interactive system for mapping data on recycling in Texas. RMIS allows
buyers, sellers, and researchers to display recycling data they select on a
map and/or in tabular form. The System can be accessed at

RMIS is designed to:
* Locate markets--more than 900 collectors, processors, brokers, and end
users for more than 800 recyclable materials
* Locate sources--more than 250 Texas city and county recycling programs
with the materials they collect
* Identify areas of the state that have the potential for developing new
markets or sources of supply.
* Display potential sources of recyclable materials, like manufacturing,
public wastewater, and commercial animal feeding operations (CAFO) facilities

Who can benefit from RMIS?
Sellers of recovered materials can use RMIS to find processors, brokers, and
end users who buy that material and are located in or buy from their region
of the state. Sellers can get the company, contact name, address, and
telephone number for each buyer and can locate that buyer on a map.

Buyers of recovered materials can use RMIS to locate collection programs and
companies that collect that material by city, county, or region.

Market researchers can use RMIS to find potential sources of a material by
looking at manufacturer and population data for specific geographic areas.

RMIS was developed with funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection
Agency Region 6 through its Jobs Through Recycling Grant Program. The
Southwest Texas State University Department of Geography and Planning
developed the Web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) to display
information from the TNRCC and other Texas agencies.

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