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GreenYes Digest Mon, 23 Jun 97 Volume 97 : Issue 148

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Beyond Recycling Rates
I'm here

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Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 06:31:51 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Beyond Recycling Rates

Steve resonded to Chris by beginning:

<< I believe that until we get real simple and basic all of the
complex recycling rules, mandate, goals, and measuring systems we're coming
upo with are all just ways to keep lots of people busy counting things in
very useful or accurate ways. It is more or less mostly PR and not real in
my opinion. (Witness those who claim landfilling rates are doing just what
one would have projected say ten or fifteen years ago, and given some
adjustments for the state of the economy. What has dramatically increased,
and seemingly appeared out of nowhere are recycled tons.)
What we need to to do is simply stick to the actual tons being
landfilled (Or if you are unlucky and incinerate the stuff.) and seek the
goal of eliminating this - all of it! >>

Not only do we have to concentrate on tracking how much is trashed, but we
need to create a form of interpreting it so everybody can relate to it, and
use this statistic everyday and everywhere, something like our common use of
that local, state or national recycling rate. A good expression of that
dumping tally could be the per capita pounds per day, or per year. If it is
used alot, many people will have a statistic that they can relate to,
compare, mull over in daily life. "If I throw out the old kiddy bike, that
will triple my daily trash rate, boosting my average, another option will
avoid this boost." Or how about this as a future headline "Marylands 1998
recycling rate was over 39%, and a per capita trash dropped 487 pounds to
1209 pounds per year, owing to a successful grasscyling program."

It just seems so straight forward. It also seems that the closer we get to
zero waste, the closer we're going to have look at the waste and not the
stuff we saved from wasting. The sooner, the better.

Ford Schumann


Date: Sun, 22 Jun 1997 16:51:38 PST
From: (Psyber Moral)
Subject: I'm here


I'm new to this list and i just wanted to introduce myself. My name is
Juan Morales Jr
and i live in the Inland Empire of California. I really want to do all I
can to help the enviorment and I will glady help anybody here on the
list for anything.



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