CAW Recycling Advocate - Vol 2. No. 8

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CAW Recycling Advocate
August 25, 1997
Volume 2. Number 8.

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The Legislature Returns for Final Three Weeks

The Legislature returned yesterday for the final three weeks of the
legislative session before adjourning on Sept. 12. These are the key bills
still moving during the final weeks:
* AB 84 (Woods) would promote the State purchase of products made from rice
straw. [Senate Floor]
* AB 705 (Strom-Martin) would require state agencies to comply with AB 939
requirements. [Senate Appr - 8/26]
* AB 847 (Wayne) would establish provisions in the Health & Safety Code to
ensure the proper handling of hazardous wastes removed from appliances.
[Senate Floor]
* SB 675 (Costa) would extend the transfer of jurisdiction over odor issues
at compost facilities from the Air Board to the Waste Board for four years.
[Assembly Appr - 8/27]
* SB 1066 (Sher) would make changes to the market development and
enforcement provisions of AB 939. [Assembly NatRes - not scheduled]
* SB 1179 (Polanco) would establish conditions for the use of indemnity
obligations or diversion penalties by local governments. [Assembly Appr]
* SB 1330 (Lockyer) would provide grants to local agencies to address
illegal dumping [Assembly Appr - 8/27]

State Agency Opposes CAW-Sponsored Bill

The Department of General Services has come out in opposition to AB 705,
the CAW-sponsored bill to require state agencies to comply with the 25% and
50% diversion requirements. Although the bill will likely continue to
receive strong support in the Legislature, it raises concern that the
Governor may veto the bill, as he had with AB 3689 (Gotch), a similar bill
passed in 1992.

Despite DGS's opposition, the bill passed with unanimous support from both
Senate Environmental Quality Committee (12-0) and Senate Governmental
Organization Committee (11-0) on Tuesday, July 15. The bill will be heard
today in Senate Appropriations Committee. AB 705 will be put on suspense
and voted on later on during the week.

DGS came out in opposition to the bill just days before the Senate
hearings. DGS generally opposes any new mandates -- even if they are
consistent with existing mandates on local governments. They believe the
Governor's Executive Order is sufficient; however, the order establishes no
recovery goals and only requires state agencies to provide for the
collection and recycling of beverage containers and paper.

DOC Director Confirmation Postponed in Senate Rules

The confirmation of Lawrence Goldzband as Director of the Department of
Conservation was put over one week during the Senate Rules Committee
meeting on Monday. CAW and Senator Byron Sher raised concerns about
actions taken during the first eight months of his appointment, including
sponsoring legislation (SB 1157) to repeal the Bottle Bill program and
calling and opposing legislation (AB 1512) to implement their own
Deukmejian-era recommendation to expand the program.=20

CAW's 20th Birthday Celebration

CAW will be having its 20th Birthday Celebration this Wednesday, August 27,
at Brannan's in downtown Sacramento. Based on the current list of hosts,
sponsors and guests, CAW is expecting a big turnout this year. CAW will be
honoring Senator Bill Lockyer and Assembly Member Kevin Shelley as CAW's
Legislators of the Year.

CAW Birthday Party Hosts
Senator Jack O'Connell =95 Senator Patrick Johnston =95 Senator Bruce=
=95 Senator Herschel Rosenthal =95 Senator Byron Sher =95 Senator Hilda=
Solis =95
Assembly Member Debra Bowen =95 Assembly Member Valerie Brown =95 Assembly
Member Louis Caldera =95 Assembly Member Jim Cunneen =95 Assembly Member=
Figueroa =95 Assembly Member Brooks Firestone =95 Assembly Member Fred=
=95 Assembly Member Ted Lempert =95 Assembly Member Deborah Ortiz =95=
Member Virginia Strom-Martin =95 Assembly Member Mike Sweeney =95 Assembly
Member Tom Torlakson =95 Assembly Member Antonio Villaraigosa =95 Wesley
Chesbro, Board Member, CIWMB =95 Janet Gotch, Board Member, CIWMB =95 Paul
Relis, Board Member, CIWMB =95 Ed Begley, Jr. =95 Tom Brady =95 Luke Breit=
William Dubois =95 Joan Edwards =95 Richard Gertman =95 The Gualco Group =95=
Howe =95 Lance King =95 Dan Knapp, Urban Ore =95 Matt Kuzins, Kuzins &=
Kumpany =95
Gary Liss, CRRA =95 California Conference of Directors of Environmental
Health =95 Gary Patton =95 Pete Price, Price Consulting =95 Dan Regan =95=
Thomas & Moose =95 Patricia Schifferle =95 Bill Shireman, Global Futures=
Sutta Company

CAW Birthday Party Sponsors
Allan Company =95 Association of California Recycling Industries =95 Bank of
America =95 Basic Fibers =95 Browning-Ferris Industries =95 California=
Energy Alliance =95 California League of Conservation Voters =95 California
Refuse Removal Council =95 California Resource Recovery Association =95=
Inc =95 Louisiana-Pacific Corp. =95 McClintock Metal =95 Mobile Recycling =
Modesto Energy Limited Partnership =95 Norcal Waste Systems =95 Northern
California Recycling Association =95 Recycle Club =95 Sector Strategies =95
Service Employees International Union =95 Stone & Moore =95 Steel Recycling
Institute =95 Taormina Industries Inc =95 Talco Plastics =95 Tamco Steel =
=95 20/20
Recycle Centers =95 Wadham Energy Limited Partnership =95Waste Management

If you would like to host or sponsor CAW's Birthday Party or purchase
individual tickets please call (916) 443-5422.