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>I have found this to be a useful and lively forum.Thought you who don't
have enough reading already would like to know more.

>GREENYES is an open (unmoderated) discussion forum focusing on policies
>and strategies needed to advance sustainable resource policies. We seek
>to advance serious discussion from a broad range of viewpoints.
>Send replies or notes for posting to: <greenyes@UCSD.Edu>
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>Problems you can't solve otherwise to
>MISSION STATEMENT The Grassroots Recycling Network is dedicated to
>environmental stewardship and achieving a sustainable economy by eliminating
>waste and reusing, recycling and composting resources which will support
>community economic growth, create jobs, save wilderness, reduce pollution and
>conserve natural resources.
>WHO WE ARE The Grassroots Recycling Network is a coalition of
>reuse, recycling and composting activists engaged in conserving our human and
>natural resources and giving voice to the conservation ethic that more than
>million Americans express daily by recycling.
>Zero Waste
>Create Jobs Not Waste
>End Corporate Welfare for Waste
>? Invest in reduction, reuse, recycling, composting and the manufacture and
>purchase of reused, recycled and composted products.
>? Require manufacturers to design products and packaging for reuse, recycling
>and composting and price them to reflect their full environmental costs.
>? Stop policies and subsidies for wasting resources in landfills and
>incinerators and for mining, harvesting and wasting our natural resources
>as metals, petroleum and timber).
>? Oppose policies and practices that transfer environmental and financial
>liabilities to future generations (such as "dry tomb" landfills).
>Resa Dimino ( Non-Profit Recyclers Council of the
> National Recycling Coalition; Bronx 2000
>David Kirkpatrick ( Kirkworks
>Brenda Platt ( Institute for Local Self-Reliance
>Neil Seldman ( Institute for Local Self-Reliance
>Rick Anthony ( California Resource Recovery Association
>Gary Liss ( California Resource Recovery Association
>Bill Sheehan ( Sierra Club Zero Waste Task Force
>Lance King Environmental consultant