FW: RE: Read B4 Conference-Legislative Committee's 2

www.ZeroWasteAmerica.com (lynnlandes@earthlink.net)
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:12:08 -0500

Jesus Fucking Christ....
What a mess!
Here goes Stephen again with his: Any organization that had the support
of 80-90% of the public and yet can't get anywhere deserves to have its
leaders taken out and shot!
I am so fucking frustrated with environmentalists acting like academics
and nevewr getting beyond the TALK TALK TALK phase! Because of this
frustration I have decided to skip all those fucking meetings and go straight
to action! I call this my champion theory - says only those who reallyt want
to do something will do so, so let them go and forget about the rest who just
talk talk talk....they will either be left behind or follow.
I apply this champion theory to myself which is why I got RecycleScene
rolling after a decade long hiatus, and am now the Chair of the CRRA
conference on ZERO WASTE (hint to those who doubt: Look at the title!) and
we will have absolutely the MOST rable rousing all inclusive conference this
group ever had! Our next project is getting ZERO WASTE legislation PASSED in
California!!!! Towards this aim much of this conference is organized,
including the now famous Sunday ZERO WASTE hearing which includes all kind of
elected officials and media!!!
What I have found is really very SIMPLE if you think about it: The
public thinks of ZERO WASTE as a no-brainer - that is they believe that, of
course, we must live a net zero waste existence on this planet in order to
survive - the fact that we are NOT doing this is a surprise to them (see what
a shitty job at educating them we do!!!!)..... The people who do not like
ZERO WASTE are by and large businesses .... in other words not people but
In conclusion: Just like in the Sci-Fi movie, anyone agains ZERO WASTE
has been taken over and is no longer a human being in control of their own