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I'm not sure that I understand why Zero Waste necessarily means
cooperatively working with business at the outset.

To me the first-stage relationship to the part of business which determines
markets for recyclables is independent of whether we pursue (1) zero waste
only; (2) producer responsibility only or (3) producer responsibility
leading to zero waste (which is my personal preference).

For the reality is that the industry now perceives -- unlike the first half
of this decade -- that the pubic no longer cares about any waste issues.
The reality is that without that perception of public concern (that may
crystalize into mandates), except for a few exceptions that prove the rule,
industry will be uninterested in responding to any of the three options.

Thus, whichever way one thinks we need to go, I believe that the first step
is to return industry to its pre-1995 mindset and that requires awakening
public pressure. Once that is achieved, then, but only then, can we resume
productive efforts at cooperative work with industry.

Otherwise we'll just be maturbating and it won't matter a hill of beans
whether we're masturbating over #(1), (2) or (3).


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Subject: Vote: Is there a split in the ranks? Yes or No.


First, I'd like to point out that this particular address list (GRRN), is
all (or most) of the people who attended Eagle Rock. Perhaps, other people
should be included in these conversations. Can the steering committee comment?

I have received some responses regarding the leg. committee's resolutions,
but I need the your permission to pass your comments along to this list.

Secondly, I'm going to open a big can of worms, but here goes. There may be
2 (or more) groups with very different philosophies and agendas emerging
from GRRN. One side appears to support the attack on Coke and a Producer
Responsibility (stick the producer) agenda. The other side did not support
the attack on Coke, but instead supports alliances with businesses and a
more comprehensive "Zero Waste
" agenda that recognizes the necessary roles gov't, society, and business
play in solving our waste problem. It's almost akin to a good cop/bad cop
routine. But, is it effective for activists coming from two very different
directions to belong to the same organization?

We all benefit from the GreenYes listserve, and I would very much want to
stay on it, but are we benefiting from spending an inordinate amount of time
and energy convincing each other that our specific course of action is the
right one to pursue? Maybe, we should recognize that there are two
organizations here, not one (examples: Zero Waste Network and Producer
Responsibility Coalition).

This situation has become painfully clear as the GRRN legislative committee
has split over a resolution we want to present to different levels of
government. Actually, 5 of the 7 members want a Producer Responsibility
resolution and national campaign, whereas 2 of us support a more
comprehensive Zero Waste approach. Producer Responsibility (PR) is a
critically important concept and has been includ
ed in the Zero Waste Resolution. If it (PR) becomes the whole enchilada for
GRRN, I will probably withdraw from the campaign. It is too simplistic and
too anti-business, without recognizing government's responsibilities. It is
not why I joined GRRN.

Comments please.

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