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GreenYes Digest Thu, 3 Jul 97 Volume 97 : Issue 156

Today's Topics:
City of San Diego seeks County landfill
job available - Oakland Unified School District recycling

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Date: Wed, 2 Jul 1997 08:34:24 -0700
From: Carolyn Chase <>
Subject: City of San Diego seeks County landfill

<fontfamily><param>Helvetica</param><bigger><bigger>from San Diego
Union Tribune

S.D. seeks county dump as parkland

By Anthony Millican and Karen Kucher


July 2, 1997

Taking advantage of an obscure state
procurement law, the city of San Diego has decided to make a
last-minute bid to buy the county's Sycamore dump and ultimately use it
for parkland.

The move sent shock waves through the county, which already is in the
midst of evaluating final offers from private waste companies vying to
purchase its trash assets.

Now, the county may have to include the city at the negotiating table.
Under state law, the city has the first option to purchase surplus
property within its jurisdiction for "fair market value" -- if it is to
be used as open space or for low-or moderate-income housing.

"My guess is they think they have found a loophole to scuttle our
divestiture process," said Larry Prior, the county's chief
administrative officer. "We will have to see if they are sincere in
their desire for open space or if this is an attempt to scuttle our

Prior, who had yet to see a written offer from the city, said the
county would be "receptive to any offer for fair market value" from the
city for the Sycamore landfill, as long as the offer is "in line with
the statute."

The county had expected to conclude negotiations with a final bidder
for its entire waste system by Aug. 12.

The City Council, in closed session yesterday, directed staff to pursue
negotiations with the county for Sycamore, considered the most prized
asset in the county's waste system.

Sycamore is within the San Diego city limits, near Santee.

San Diego Mayor Susan Golding, in a written statement, said Sycamore
could ultimately replace the city's Miramar Landfill.

"Trash pickup and proper disposal is a basic city service that the
citizens of San Diego depend upon," Golding said. "City ownership of
the Sycamore Landfill would help ensure that San Diegans continue to
have high-quality, low-cost waste disposal for the next several

Neither the mayor nor City Manager Jack McGrory made themselves
available for comment.

However, in a letter to the county yesterday, McGrory said the property
could be included as part of Mission Trails Regional Park after it has
been used as a landfill.

By the city's own admission, Sycamore could be used as a dump for 40 or
50 years.

A landfill "historically is a short-term use and ultimately the
Sycamore area would be open space," McGrory said in an interview

That logic has rattled county officials.

"We're perplexed," said Carol Conner, a county spokeswoman on trash
issues. "We've got to digest it."

What is fair market value for Sycamore?

"It's a lot more than zero," Conner said.

The purchase of Sycamore would keep the city from having to locate a
new landfill site elsewhere in the city, which could be controversial.

Last December, McGrory, in rare public testimony to the county board,
asked supervisors to direct Prior to sit down with him and negotiate
the sale of the Sycamore Canyon dump. The county policy makers gave no
such orders at the time.

City officials have been meeting with private companies bidding for the
county waste system. The three waste firms that submitted final
proposals to the county are Allied Waste Industries of Scottsdale,
Ariz.; USA Waste Services of Houston and Waste Mangement of Oak Brook,

Prior said he was surprised that the city was trying to acquire the
property under the state statute.

The city "wanted it as a landfill to replace Miramar and put trash
into. I don't know how the statute would apply in that vein," Prior

"How can you on one vein be on the bidding side and have McGrory say
they want to buy it as a landfill, and then in the next instance, talk
about open space?"

Copyright 1997 Union-Tribune Publishing Co.



Date: Wed, 02 Jul 1997 16:46:35
From: John McCabe <>
Subject: job available - Oakland Unified School District recycling

I don't work for this agency, but wanted to let folks on the GreenYes
e-mail list know about this job opportunity. The application deadline was
June 20, 1997, but they are still accepting applications from qualified
candidates. The Oakland (California) school district received a grant to
implement recycling in all of the district schools and offices. They are
hiring a person to make it happen.


Selected info re-typed from the job announcement (this is my typing, *not*
the official announcement):

Definition: Under direction of the Director of Food/Custodial Services,
the Recycling Coordinator will plan, develop, and implement a District-wide
Recycling Program.

Duties and Resonsibilities (abridged): Implement tasks outlined in Alameda
County grant which include surveying all sites to review size of bin and
frequency of trash pick-up, review services currently received by the
District and the cost, conduct a comprehensive review and audit of solid
waste and recycling needs of all District facilities, establish an advisory
committee and hold meetings, develop the District's recycling plan.

Prepare RFPs, purchase equipment and supplies, select sites for the first
year and develop phase-in schedule for the remaining sites, develop and
condust training for all students and District personnel, prepare reports,
determine savings in waste disposal bills, plan future budget with
projected savings, develop public education materials, develop a monitoring
system, work with City staff and Alameda County staff to integrate
recycling into classroom curriculum.

Employment Standards: Bachelor's degree and 5 years experience in waste
management. <see announcement for more info>

Salary: $52,310 - $66,764

Work Schedule: 12 months, 7.5 hours per day


Applications are available in the OUSD Human Resource Division, Room 201,
1025 Second Ave, Oakland, CA 94606 and by calling 510-879-8241 or faxing a
request to 510-879-1831. The job # is 676500.

John McCabe, Recycling Specialist
City of Oakland Public Works Agency, Environmental Services Division
(510) 238-SAVE (general line),

This is my "official" City of Oakland account.


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