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GreenYes Digest Sun, 13 Jul 97 Volume 97 : Issue 165

Today's Topics:
PVC recycling a failure
thots on z.w. strategy

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Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 17:51:54 -0600
From: (Wally)
Subject: PVC recycling a failure

I just ran accross this old message. It sounds like an argument against the
use of plastic drink bottles.

>Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
>For further information contact:
>Mr. Gary M. Pratt
>P & R Environmental Industries, Inc.
>PO Box 549
>Youngsville, NC 27596
>Tel (919) 554-0100
>Ms. Robin Cotchan, Manager
>Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers
>1801 K St., N.W., Suite 701-L
>Washington, DC 20006
>(202) 974-5419
>For Immediate Release
>APR Seeks Markets for PVC
>Washington, DC (May 1997) -- The Association of Postconsumer Plastic
>Recyclers (APR) is asking the Vinyl Institute and its members for
>their support in re-establishing domestic markets for post-consumer
>polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bottles. "Currently, there is a lack of
>viable markets for post-consumer PVC bottles," according to Gary M.
>Pratt, president of Youngsville, North Carolina based P & R
>Environmental Industries and APR Board member. "Just like our
>company, many APR members are faced with disposing recovered PVC
>bottles in the landfill as their only recourse," Pratt said. The APR
>strongly urges the Vinyl Institute and its members to accept
>responsibility for establishing long-term, viable recycling markets
>for the bottles they produce.
>Any plastics recycler which accepts post-consumer bottles is affected
>because of the presence of PVC bottles in these material streams.
>Although PVC bottles represent a small percentage of the overall
>post-consumer plastic bottle waste stream, their disposal adds to the
>cost of recycling. "We're in the recycling business, not disposal,"
>Pratt added. Several APR members currently accept PVC bottles in the
>materials they process but cannot market this material. "The APR is
>not singling out PVC, but currently, it is the only type of
>post-consumer bottle material that cannot be marketed," Pratt said.
>The APR has initiated discussions with the Vinyl Institute in an
>effort to resolve the market dilemma. "The Vinyl Institute is aware
>of the need for post-consumer PVC bottle recycling and have indicated
>that tey would work with the APR to see that markets are
>re-established," said Robin Cotchan, APR Manager. The APR
>understands that activities to alleviate the market problem are
>underway and encourages immediate implementation. To enhance
>cooperative efforts, the APR looks forward to working with the Vinyl
>Institute in any way that encourages the recycling of PVC bottles,"
>Cotchan added.
>The Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers is an association
>comprised of 50 companies whoacquire, reprocess, and sell
>post-consumer plastics. Its membership includes independent
>recycling companies of all sizes and the recycling division of
>several major resin suppliers. It strongly advocates the recycling
>of all post-consumer plastic bottles.
>Charlie Cray
>Greenpeace US Toxics Campaign
>847 W. Jackson Blvd., 7th floor
>Chicago, IL 60607
>Ph: (312) 563-6060 x218
>Fax: (312) 563-6099
>Note new e-mail address:

Related suject:
Last week I returned from a month in Nicaragua, where the difference from
USA is very pronounced.
* Beer and soda bottles are 99% glass and have rings worn at top and bottom
of bottle from being recycled so many times. The bottle deposit is 1.00 Nic
(11 cents USA). This is one fifth the cost of a soda drink.

* But on the negative side, venders on buses sell drinks in plastic bags
with a straw. When they are finished with this or other trash, people throw
it out the bus window.

Still it was a very interesting country.


Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 14:06:33 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: thots on z.w. strategy

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<< If you believe that it is bottle bills
that people most want, then I think you have not engaged them in enough
conversation! >>

Thank you,



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