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Jill Chopyak (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 17:07:43 -0500

RE>FWD>Global Warming Alert
10/6/97 11:22 AM
HR 106 is a resolution in the House sponsored by Rep. Gilchrest. The
Resolution states:

Resolved by the House of Representatives (the Senate Concurring), That it is
the sense of the Congress of the United States that the United States should
take all necessary steps, both domestically and internationally, to protect
the Earth's climate from dangerous climate change. The United States should
take a leadership role in negotiating an international climate change
agreement that --

1) contains leagally binding targets and time-tables beginning in 2005 for
reducing greenhouse gas emissions substantially below 1990 levels;
2) provides for participation by developing nations; and
3) is fair, enforeceable and provides options for nations to achieve
necessary greenhouse gas reductions in a cost-effective manner.

There are currently 31 co-sponsors to the resolution. If you need anymore
information from me, let me know.

Jill Chopyak

Date: 10/3/97 4:42 PM
To: Jill Chopyak
From: Ansje Miller
FYI. Does anyone know much about HB106?

Date: 10/3/97 10:06 AM
From: David A. Kirkpatrick
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 07:35:07 -0500
From: Brian Shmaefsky <bshmaefs@NHMCCD.CC.TX.US>
Subject: A call to action - A serious concern.


I urge you to take the following call to action to guarantee the future
of a clean earth. I just came back from the Science Summit on Global
Climate Change, held in Washington, DC, at which the scientific
community urged the US government to seek actions to curb global
climate change. At the meeting a document called "World Scientists
Call for Action at the Kyoto Climate Summit" (signed by 97 Nobel
Laureate scientists) was presented to the Clinton Administration. I
was sponsored by a grass-roots organization to attend this meeting. My
scientist colleagues and I presented a host of research studies and
visited our senators and representatives to educate the government
about pending global climate change. After the meeting, my trip to
Washington involved very little sleep or recreation and much time at
Capitol Hill making visits to reps and contacting the press. I see a
dire need for President Clinton to support a reduction in fossil fuel
use (petroleum and coal) by the US to abate global climate change. We
have strong research evidence that carbon dioxide emissions are
contributing to current abnormal trends in our weather and ocean
currents. He needs to take a strong stand in support of curbing carbon
dioxide emissions at the Kyoto Summit on Global Warming being held in
Japan this December.

Please, as soon as possible, send a letter or e-mail to Present Clinton
(, Vice President Gore
( and your state senators and house
representatives urging them to support the US taking a lead in curbing
carbon dioxide emissions. (You can obtain information about your
senators and house reps at The US needs to
take a leadership role in reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.
Our economy and standard of living will not suffer by curbing our
fossil fuel dependence. Do not believe the false scenarios being
presented in the media by a coalition of several energy producing
concerns. This group is similar to the lobby that flooded the media
with findings that cigarette smoking is harmless. Our economy will
actually be stimulated by seeking alternative energies and technologies
for reducing global climate change. We saw this happen with the ban on
Chlorinated Fluorocarbons (CFCs) and mandatory glass bottle recycling
in spite of the stories of pending economic disasters from following
such policies.

This week I gave up two days of sleep and the soles of my shoes for
this mission. I have been following the global climate change issue
for several years now, plus I have participated and conducted research
related to global climate change. It is not an over-exaggeration or a
joke on the part of the scientific community.

You may wish to use the letter format below or write your own letter:

- - - - - - - - -

Dear (person's title and name)

I urge you to support the US in taking a strong stand at reducing
global climate change emissions at the Kyoto Summit this December. The
US needs to take a lead in reducing further damage to the earth's
atmosphere and reducing our dependence on fossil fuels. Our economy
will only benefit by seeking alternative energy sources through
creating new job markets for exportable technological developments. I
further urge you to support or give credence to HB 106 which accepts
the findings of the global scientific community that global climate
change is a valid scientific model.

Respectfully yours,

- - - - - - - - - - -

Thank you very much and excuse any typos. I am doing this on two hours
of sleep and jet lag.

Dr. Brian R. Shmaefsky, Professor
Professor of Biology
Kingwood College
20,000 Kingwood Drive
Kingwood, TX 77339-3801 USA
Voice: 281-359-1609; Fax: 281-359-0440