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Thanks for such a nice response, and for the kind offer. I'll be staying
with Rhonda Sherman in Raleigh after the Greensboro/Hendersonville stints.
I'm looking forward to my trip, but, as usual, have much to do to actually
get away with everything I need by tomorrow morning.


>Mary -
>The press release looks great! Let me know if you need
>any help while in NC -- you'd be welcome to stay with us
>in Durham, etc. Just give a call at 919/220-8065 before
>or while you are here. I will be in town.
>At 02:47 PM 11/8/97 -0400, Mary Appelhof wrote:
>>I'm sure you'll pick this up elsewhere, but just letting you know I'll be
>>down your way.
>>>>For immediate release
>>>>November 7, 1997
>>>>Contact: Nancy Essex 616-327-0108
>>>>Worms Help America Recycle
>>>> America Recycles Day on November 15, 1997, is set aside to
>>>>emphasize to all Americans the benefits and opportunities for recycling
>>>>in America today. With Al Gore as honorary chair, over 3000 events are
>>>>scheduled to increase awareness of the environmental benefits of
>>>>recycling. One such event is the publication of the second edition of
>>>>Worms Eat My Garbage by Mary Appelhof (Flower Press, 1997).
>>>> "Worms are part of the action, too," says Appelhof. "Food waste
>>>>represents a significant portion of the material we throw away. It
>>>>stinks up garbage cans and wastebaskets. It contaminates recyclables. If
>>>>you bring a colony of redworms into your home, bed them down with
>>>>moistened newspaper, and bury food scraps in the bin, the worms recycle
>>>>the organics on-site. They produce nutrient-rich humus you can use to
>>>>feed house plants and grow tasty vegetables without synthetic
>>>>fertilizers. Recycling with worms puts food back on your table without
>>>>having to carry the garbage away or truck fresh food to a supermarket!"
>>>> Handling of food waste is a significant problem. EPA estimates
>>>>that 13.8 billion pounds of food wind up in landfills each year. It
>>>>doesn't necessarily decompose there, either, according to garbologist Dr.
>>>>William Rathje, who has found ears of corn buried in a landfill for over
>>>>30 years that looked good enough to eat. Corn cobs in a worm bin,
>>>>however, disappear in a matter of weeks.
>>>> The original Worms Eat My Garbage caused a quiet revolution in
>>>>the way people deal with organic kitchen waste-as quiet as the worms
>>>>themselves. Compost educators, considering it "the definitive guide" for
>>>>composting with worms on a small scale helped the book sell over 100,000
>>>>copies in 15 printings over as many years. Combined with the increased
>>>>availability of recycling programs and state mandates to divert large
>>>>quantities of organic wastes from landfills, this little how-to book met
>>>>people's need to have a simple, convenient method to handle food waste in
>>>>their own homes.
>>>> Appelhof, a biologist and educator (popularly known as Worm
>>>>Woman), has worked with worms for 25 years, and finds them every bit as
>>>>fascinating now as when she started. "I know more about them than when I
>>>>started," she says. "Such knowledge gives me more jumping-off places for
>>>>asking questions." She packed much of this knowledge into the second
>>>>edition which is more than 60 pages longer than the 1982 book. Worms Eat
>>>>My Garbage expands on kinds of containers which make suitable worm bins,
>>>>suggests adaptations for outside worm bins in cold climates, gives more
>>>>information about the kinds of worms suitable for worm composting. The
>>>>extensive international interest in the subject encouraged her to
>>>>incorporate metric conversions alongside the English units in the text to
>>>>make it more user-friendly for those who use metrics for measuring. With
>>>>much more information available about worms and worm composting, the
>>>>expanded bibliography and annotated references introduce readers to the
>>>>current body of literature about earthworms which is accessible to the
>>>> The kick-off for the second edition of Worms Eat My Garbage will
>>>>be in North Carolina where Appelhof is conducting several workshops and
>>>>presentations on worms. She will be training teachers on ways to use
>>>>worms in the classroom at the North Carolina Science Teachers Association
>>>>conference in Greensboro on November 12-14, events sponsored by the North
>>>>Carolina Division of Pollution Control and Environmental Prevention.
>>>>November 15 she moves to the Sustainable Ag conference in Hendersonville,
>>>>where the kids in attendance will get a chance to learn about worms from
>>>>"Worm Woman" herself.
>>>> Mountain Lore Books in Hendersonville is hosting a book-signing
>>>>by Appelhof at 11:00 am on America Recycles Day, November 15. North
>>>>Carolina Cooperative Extension and others are hosting a seminar in
>>>>Raleigh on November 17, "Harnessing Worm Power," featuring Ms. Appelhof
>>>>and two North Carolina worm experts, Tom Christenberry of Vermicycle
>>>>Organics and Dick Sloane from the National Institute of Environmental
>>>>Health Sciences. Tuesday, November 18 will find Appelhof presenting at
>>>>the Virginia Recycling Association conference in Norfolk, Virginia,
>>>>talking about recycling with worms, of course.
>>>> Worms Eat My Garbage 2nd edition, by Mary Appelhof with
>>>>illustrations by Mary Frances Fenton. 162p. Appendices, bibliography,
>>>>index. Price $12.95. Publication date: November 15, 1997. Single
>>>>copies available by mail for $15.45 postpaid from Flower Press, 10332
>>>>Shaver Road, Kalamazoo, MI 49024. Wholesale inquiries welcome.
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