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[Fwd: Market Info/Eco Office Products]

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Date: Fri, 19 Dec 1997 11:38:29 -0800
From: Ann Schneider <>
Subject: [Fwd: Market Info/Eco Office Products]

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Hi All:

This client is looking for information to demonstrate just how big the
marketplace is for recycled content and "greener" office supplies is.

Please direct any suggestions to Andrea. Her email address is located
at the beginning of the attachment. Many thanks.

Ann Schneider

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From: (Andrea Wilson)
Subject: Market Info/Eco Office Products
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Please send responses to:
Andrea Wilson
Green Earth Office Supply
408 353-2096, 1346 fax

I need to get information on the size of the US market for
environmentally friendly office and school supplies to a potential
business partner. The largest component of this market is recycled
uncoated cut paper, although there are other value added recycled paper
products (eg, file folders, index cards, self stick notes, etc), as
well as recycled plastic, rubber, and steel products. Also, there are
treefree paper products, biodegradable cornstarch products, hemp, and
less toxic products. Part of the way in which I am coming up with the
size of the market is by collecting this information from large
corporate and governmental consumers, and then extrapolating.
Therefore, if anyone has this specific information for a particular
company or governmental jurisdiction, I would greatly appreciate it if
you could contact me. Thanks! Andrea



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