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GreenYes Digest Mon, 15 Dec 97 Volume 97 : Issue 305

Today's Topics:
Global Warming Web Sites
Int'l Financing For US Products
Refutation of the economic disaster from global warming reduction scenario

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Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 13:36:02 -0500
From: NERC <>
Subject: Global Warming Web Sites

Blair Pollock wrote:

"Anyone know of a neat, concise, elegant scenario that rebuts all those
who are claiming gloom and doom will result from significant reductions
in fossil fuel use/greenhouse gas production? I have to fit it into an
800 word document. There must be a site out there....."

I don't know if the magic bullet rebuttal you're looking for exists.
(If only it could be done in 800 words!) But, the sites listed below
may be useful. Much of this is via an email posted elsewhere by Denise
Mulholland of EPA --

1. EPA's main web site for gobal warming issues: It has lots of info and links.

2. The NY Times has a Web address dedicated to the Kyoto Conference.
are several stories hyperlinked to it, as well as links to many past
stories in the Times (they had a fantastic write-up in Monday's paper).
Please see:

3. The following URL is where you can find the daily paper written by
environmental groups who are in Kyoto.

4. The United Nations Third Conference of the Parties (UN COP3) site:

Contact: Jim Stimson (202) 452-6366
Wallis McClain (202) 452-4367
Washington, D.C. (November 26, 1997) -- The Bureau of National
Affairs, Inc. (BNA) will offer free daily on-line coverage of the
climate change negotiations in Kyoto, Japan for the duration of the
third Conference of the Parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on
Climate Change (COP-3) -- at which 171 nations will attempt to
global warming by curbing industrial emissions worldwide.
The site address will be:
It will be available free of charge, December 1 - 10, 1997.
BNA will offer comprehensive coverage of the negotiations, which
intended to result in an international treaty specifying binding
targets and timetables for industrialized nations to curb their
greenhouse gas emissions. The treaty could change the way modern
economies generate and use energy. The website will feature:
? First-hand reporting from Kyoto by BNA staff reporter Cheryl
and Tokyo correspondent Toshio Aritake on the effort to forge a
worldwide consensus on greenhouse gas emissions reductions;
? Additional reporting from BNA correspondents in Washington, D.C.,
and other major world capitals; and
? Selected documents from the meeting, as they become available.
Already available at the site are background articles and documents
from BNA's Daily Environment Report, Environment Reporter, and
International Environment Reporter that detail:
? Negotiating positions of key parties to the talks -- the United
States, Japan, and the European Union;
? The debate over flexibility in meeting emission targets and
? Analysis of the contentious pre-conference talks in Bonn, Germany
October, in which delegates labored to iron out key issues in the
treaty before the full conference in Kyoto;
? Text of the draft negotiating text for the Kyoto meeting and the
1992 United National Framework Convention on Climate Change.
# # # # # # # #
Founded in 1929 and incor theted in its present form in 1947, BNA
the oldest wholly employee-owned company in the United States. BNA
a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information,
reporting on developments in business, labor relations, law, health
care, economics, taxation, environmental protection, health and
safety, and other public policy and regulatory issues. Today, BNA
produces more than 200 news and information services, including
highly respected daily publications.
Media Relations: Karen James Cody, (202) 452-4169


Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 10:48:02 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Int'l Financing For US Products

Obtaining International Financing Just Became Easier....

Regarding: Professional Trade Services Offered.

Dear Importer / Exporter,

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Rates are provided to you in writing from the successful bidding bank
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Payments made every six months (arrears)

Payment Plan:
3 years $150,000 - $300,000
4 Years $300,000 - $ 500,000
5 Years $500,000 plus (Can also finance C.F.R.)
8 Years for over $10,000,000.

Down Payment: 15%
( Paid upon signing final paperwork with
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Earned Fees: 5% of invoice amount
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Company Procedures:

Once we receive a full financial package, it will take us a

few days to determine if we feel we can get the transaction

financed. If so, the lending institution will require $350 USD

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Our fee is earned only when the transaction is finished.

When we received the signed finance proposal, it will take

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The equipment supplier will be paid in full and export the product.

The client will begin to make payments six months after receiving.

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Required Credit Package of Foreign Buyer

1) Three years audited (if available) financial Statements. Including

balance sheet and income statements.

2) Corporate brochures, biographies of officers, short company outline,

years in business, type of business (narrative).

3) Bank references. Must be on buyer's bank letterhead to include

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4) Trade References. Please include a minimum of three business

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5) Furnish a short business plan for items being purchased explaining

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6) Personal financial statement if the buyer is not a corporation.

****Our financing programs are not available for any
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Used Equipment Is OK

It is very important that the credit package is submitted in it's entirety.

Parcel packages will not be processed. Please forward the credit

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Always check with us in advance to make sure that the Company

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Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, or email

Alan Alvarez

South Pointe Financial Corp. (USA)
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Date: Sun, 14 Dec 1997 17:47:51 EST
From: Jango <>
Subject: Refutation of the economic disaster from global warming reduction

Hi Blair,

They may not get you all the way there but try: in the EDF Globabl Warming
Exhibition (whole site is pretty good). Also, try from Philly's own
Clean Air Council.

I think though that since people are still so goofy about the "scientific"
evidence on whether there really is a problem or not that the solutions side
of things isn't getting proper credit. No question though that we need new
fuel sources, more telecommuting (phone and computer industries should be
happy with that), more recycling and more energy conservation. To me,
economically, the question is whether conservation and efficiency will
transfer economies from carbon industries to lower impact industries. If
people spend more money on phones, computers, energy efficient appliances and
transportation systems, recycle more, and renewable energy, very little will
be lost in our overall economy. Bad things will just happen to stupid
businesses who aren't willing to read the writing on the wall. Will our
economy take hits? Yes. THIS economy will, but the economy of tomorrow will be
fine. Use the "technology saves all" argument to your advantage.

(by the way, there's no way you can be neat and concise in this field without
oversimplifying or lying).
David Biddle
Philadelphia, PA
In a message dated 12/13/97 7:48:01 AM,

>Anyone know of a neat, concise, elegant scenario that rebuts all those who
>are claiming gloom and doom will result from significant reductions in
>fossil fuel use/greenhouse gas production? I have to fit it into an 800
>word document. There must be a site out there.....


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