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GreenYes Digest Mon, 29 Dec 97 Volume 97 : Issue 316

Today's Topics:
Recycling Conference at Tulane University

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Date: Sun, 28 Dec 1997 10:48:42 EST
From: Girvan H <>
Subject: Recycling Conference at Tulane University

Tulane Recycling Department
Tulane University
New Orleans, Louisiana 70118
504-862-8000 ext. 2469


We are pleased to announce an exciting event that will take place at
Tulane University on Feb. 20th (which also happens to be the height of
Mardi Gras!). Our goal is to get recycling industry information and
resources to small, medium, and large colleges and universities that
typically would not, or can not, attend national educational forums. We are
eager to have you support this conference and be a part of its success
as a attendee.

The National Recycling Coalition, the leader in providing information and
solutions to today's solid waste and recycling problems, and
the College and University Recycling Council, have banded together to
conduct four solid waste and recycling conferences across the United
States. Tulane University has been selected as one of these four national

Tulane is pleased to have been chosen as a host site, and the Tulane
Administration, Faculty, Staff and Students are taking this honor very
seriously. The first conference in this series was held at Illinois State
University, Bloomington, IL on October 31st. This conference was a
tremendous success. We had 104 attendees with over 50 attendees
completing evaluations and giving the conference a 99% favorable rating.
As you can agree, this high level of attendance and phenomenally strong
evaluations are rare for first time events, but our planning group
expected this type of success from the beginning.

Our task now is to assemble recyclers and supporters in order to make
the Tulane event, the second event in the series, something that meets
this high standard and is a conference that our region can be proud of.
To reach this goal we need strong local involvement and attendance.

Here is a preview of some of the sessions that we will have:

Analyzing and Tracking your Waste System
Integrating Recycling To The Campus Community
Recycling in Residence Halls
Plastic or Aluminum: What Does the Future of Campus Vending Hold?
Markets for Recycled Commodities
Targeting Materials for Collection
Zero-Waste on College and University Campuses by 2010!
Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling
A "Universal" Waste?
Green Building

Alicia Lyttle
Assistant Recycling Coordinator
Tulane's Recycling Program
conference host chair

For conference registration information call the National Recycling
Coalition at 703-683-9025 ext. 404.

For a hotel room call Comfort Suites at 1-800-524-1140, call now! This is
MARDI GRAS weekend and rooms are going fast!

For more information feel free to contact me at 504-862-6443 or


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