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Job announcement - senior recycling specialist - City of

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Date: Mon, 3 Feb 1997 14:06:30 -0800
From: John McCabe <>
Subject: Job announcement - senior recycling specialist - City of

(1) Apologies for cross-posting.
(2) For application information, you must send a SASE to the address listed
in the text below (hitting "reply" won't get you an application).


$4,108 - $5,043 per month, 37.5 hours per week
City Pays PERS Equivalent to 7% of Salary
Closes: Friday, February 21, 1997, 5:00 pm (Postmarks not accepted) =

The Position
The City of Oakland, Public Works Agency, is seeking a qualified
professionals for the position of Senior Recycling Specialist in the
Environmental Affairs Division. Under general supervision from the
Recycling Supervisor, the incumbent will plan, develop, and coordinate a
variety of cost effective waste reduction, recycling, composting and solid
waste programs for the City of Oakland.

Typical duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
Plans, designs and implements programs, systems, and procedures for waste
reduction, recycling, composting, and solid waste programs;
Prepares complex staff reports, e.g., developing Requests for Proposals
(RFP) for soliciting contractors/consultants for professional services;
prepares detailed reports and recommendations of field studies;=20
Assists in negotiating contracts with contractors providing solid waste
reduction and/or recycling services to the City of Oakland; assists in the
administration and monitoring of contracts;
Conducts solid waste assessments of businesses and institutions and
provides appropriate recomendations to reduce waste;
Coordinates and delivers informative solid waste and/or recycling
presentations to groups comprised of residents, merchants, businesses and/or
civic associations;
Represents the City at federal, state, and local waste reduction and
recycling meetings;
Provides analysis of federal, state, and local legislation to address
waste reduction and recycling issues in the City of Oakland;
Supervises and trains assigned staff working on solid waste reduction and
recycling programs; prioritizes and assigns work to subordinate staff;
Provides technical assistance to local recyclers, schools, residents, and
Develops and maintains databases and spreadsheets to track budgets,
tonnages, participation, and compliance;
Operates a city vehicle to perform field duties required by a Senior
Recycling Specialist;
Analyzes proposals, tonnage reports, budgets, and business ventures;
Remedies customer, resident, and business recycling and solid waste=

Minimum Requirements for Application
Any combination of education and experience that would likely provide the
required knowledge and abilities is qualifying. A typical way to obtain the
knowledge and abilities would be:

A Bachelor's degree with a major in Environmental Studies, Solid Waste
Management, Public or Business Administration or a closely related field.=09

Four years of experience in planning, organizing, developing and
implementing recycling or solid waste management and/or environmental
related programs and projects.

Knowledge of local, state and federal rules and regulations pertaining to
the reduction, collection and disposal of municipal solid waste; principles
and practices of developing, implementing, and maintaining integrated waste
management systems; recycling markets and recycled product procurement
procedures; contract administration including preparation of requests for
proposals; and budget development and monitoring. Ability to plan, develop,
coordinate and implement waste reduction and recycling programs; analyze
data, rules, regulations, and legislation; provide leadership and direction
to staff; prepare clear and concise reports, correspondence and other data
in both written and oral formats; and make presentations to resident groups,
merchant and civic associations and businesses.

Driver's License:
Successful incumbents in this job class are expected to operate automotive
vehicles in the performance of the assigned duties. Due to the nature of the
assignment and the hours worked, public transportation is not a cost
effective or efficient method for traveling to the various locations
required. Individuals who are appointed to this position will be required
to maintain a valid California Driver's License throughout the tenure of
their employment.

The Selection Process
Stage I: The first stage in the selection process will consist of an
application and supplemental questionnaire appraisal (Weighted pass/fail).
Applications submitted without a completed supplemental questionnaire will
not be given further consideration. Meeting the minimum qualifications does
not guarantee advancement to Stage II. Only the most suitably qualified
candidates will be invited to Stage II.

Stage II: The second stage of the selection process will consist of an oral
examination (Weighted 100%). A brief written exercise may precede the oral
examination. This examination process will evaluate the knowledge and
abilities listed above which are applicable.

The City of Oakland reserves the right to modify the selection process as
necessary to conform to administrative or business necessity.

Candidates must achieve a scale score of 70 or more on this examination to
be placed on the eligible list for employment consideration.

AdvisoriesResidency: Applicants who are residents of the City of Oakland
at the time of posting an eligible list will receive an additional 5% of
their final score after successfully passing the examination. Residency
must be verifiable through presentation of a California Driver's License or
Identification, voter's registration, billing from a public utility, or
other acceptable documents prior to the posting of the eligible list.

EMERGENCY RESPONSE RESIDENCY ZONE Employees hired on or after February
1, 1996 in classifications determined by the City Manager to be needed
immediately in the event of a major emergency shall be required, as of the
first day of employment, to reside in a residency zone that includes areas
that are approximately ten miles from the geographic center of Oakland.
Further, such employees shall be required, as a condition of continued
employment, to maintain residency within the zone during their employment
with the City of Oakland. City of Oakland employees hired prior to February
1, 1996 are exempt from this requirement. A list of emergency responder
classifications and residency zone Cities and zip codes are available for
review at the Employment Information Office at 505 - 14th Street, Suite 101.
This position is not one of the emergency response residency zone
classifications; however, you may be affected if you seek a promotion into
one of the designated classifications following your initial hire into City
employment. =20

Veterans: Candidates who achieve a passing score on the examination will
receive 5% added to their score, provided that they meet the requirements
stated in Rule 4, Section 4.18 and 4.19 of the Oakland Civil Service Board
Rules and Regulations. The official DD214 must be presented prior to the
posting of the eligible list to verify veteran's status.

Immigration and Reform Control Act: In compliance with the Immigration and
Reform Control Act of 1986 the City of Oakland will only hire individuals
who are legally authorized to work in the United States.
Legal: In compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations,
the City of Oakland will employ and promote qualified individuals without
regard to disability. The City is committed to making reasonable
accommodations in the examination process and in the work environment.
Individuals requesting reasonable accommodations in the examination process
must do so no later than five working days after the final filing date for
receipt of applications, otherwise it may not be possible to arrange
accommodations for the selection process. Such requests should be addressed
to Janet Sapenter, Office of Personnel Resource Management, 505 - 14th
Street, Suite 102, Oakland, CA 94612 or phone her at (510)238-3929 or TDD

Fully paid PERS retirement; health, dental, vision and orthodontic plans for
employee and dependents; vacation leave, sick leave and holidays; education
tuition reimbursement; life insurance; employee assistance program; deferred
compensation plan and credit union services.

How To Apply

City of Oakland application documents may be obtained in person
or by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope and a request to:

Office of Personnel Resource Management (OPRM)
Employment Information Office
505 14th Street, Suite 101, Oakland, CA 94612
Date of Examination
To be announced

The City of Oakland is an /Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer.

Art Misner; (510)238-6891
Opens: February 3, 1997
Closes: February 21, 1997

City of Oakland
Supplemental questionnaire

Senior Recycling Specialist

Final Filing Date: February 21, 1997 (postmark not accepted)

The purpose of this supplemental questionnaire is to assess your
qualifications, training and experience in specific job related areas.
Your answers to these questions, along with your completed application will
be used to select the most suitably qualified candidates. Applications
submitted without a completed supplemental questionnaire and signed
Certificate of Applicant form will not be considered.

Respond to each of the following questions on a separate sheet of paper.
Describe your responsibilities and accomplishments as completely as
possible, but limit them to one 8 =BD" by 11" sheet of paper (single or=
spaced) per question. Responses must be legible; typewritten responses are
preferred. Submit completed application materials to the Office of
Personnel Resource Management, 505 - 14th Street, Suite 101, Oakland, CA,=

1. Describe your experience in contract development and implementation.
Give a specific example of a waste prevention, recycling, or solid waste
contract that you developed, implemented, and monitored. Give detailed
information on your responsibilities.

2. Describe your work experience in developing, managing or monitoring waste
prevention, recycling, and solid waste projects, programs or grants.
Indicate in your response what you believe to be the most important aspects
of these projects, programs, or grants.

3. Describe you experience working as part of a team to accomplish a project
or goal. Give a specific example of a project where you acted as the team
leader and the methods that you used to motivate the team and complete the

4. Describe your work experience in developing waste prevention, recycling
or solid waste planning documents. Give a specific example of a planning
document that you have implemented and methods that you used to monitor
performance or results.

5. Describe analyses that you have performed and reports that you have
written for waste prevention, recycling, and solid waste programs or
services. Mention the audience for the reports.

Certification of Applicant

I, the undersigned, understand that all information provided herein is
subject to verification and is true to the best of my knowledge and ability.=

_____________________________________ _______________________

John McCabe, Recycling Specialist
City of Oakland Public Works Agency, Environmental Services Division
(510) 238-SAVE (general line),

This is my "official" City of Oakland account.


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