Re: landfill bans
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:59:28 -0500

Hi Ann,

Re: Considering a landfill ban for untreated dimensional lumber in
California.... please let me qualify my statement: In my earlier
correspondence with John McCabe, my intent was to communicate that a
ban on lumber in general may be an issue at this time, but that a
specific ban on untreated dimensional lumber probably had merit.
Your comment supports the merits of this proposal, and you certainly
have your hand on the pulse of supply/demand quantities for this

Thank you for inciting an opportunity for clarification.

Dave Reynolds
From: Ann Schneider <>
Subject: Re: landfill bans
cc:, GreenYes@UCSD.EDU

Hi all:

In response to Dave Reynolds concern that California doesn't have the

markets for untreated dimensional lumber so a ban might be difficult.

We have a quickly growing infrastructure of used building materials
resale stores, new deconstruction companies and the more we look, the

more furniture and craft manufacturers we are finding that use
owned or antique lumber.

Look for an exhibit on this market at the CRRA conference in June.

Ann Schneider
Repair, Resale and Reuse Council