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GreenYes Digest Wed, 19 Mar 97 Volume 97 : Issue 59

Today's Topics:
Alternatives to HHW -Reply
Tires traveling
trail building with recycled products

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Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 09:35:23 -0800
From: Robin Salsburg <>
Subject: Alternatives to HHW -Reply


I believe that the Washington legislation has just been proposed. David =
Nightingale (Dept. of Ecology, Washington State) was at the recent HHW =
Information Exchange at Asilomar, Pacific Grove in February where he =
mentioned this. It was very similar to the legislation that was =
introduced in CA last year but was defeated. The Cal EPA is now trying =
to make it (the defeated legislation) a "policy" rather than statue. It =
is called the proposed safer substitute policy and public comments are =
being accepted until Nov. 1997. I would recommend contacting Karen =
Feeney, Hazardous Waste Program Manager, Community Environmental =
Council, phone 805-963-0583, fax 805-962-9080 (sorry I don't have an =
e-mail address) for more information.

Robin Salsburg

From: Ingrid Dierlam[]
Sent: Monday, March 17, 1997 6:40 AM
Subject: Alternatives to HHW -Reply

I haven't heard about the Arizona initiative, but I have heard that
Washington state passed a law similar to this....(sorry no details
available) Not cool at all.....atfer all, they are just RECOMENDATIONS =
alternatives to hh products....shows you what kind of pull the chemical
manufacturers association has......

>>> <> 03/16/97 01:42pm >>>
Has anyone heard about this? Any comments?

Gary Liss

>From EIC: Final Word
<inspiring or alarming items in the news>
In a proposed new limit on free speech, manufacturers of household
chemicals and pesticides have crafted and proposed legislation that
would prevent the state of Arizona from telling consumers about
alternatives to dangerous household chemical products unless there is
scientific evidence to back up their claims. The bill has passed in the
Senate and is awaiting House approval.

Source: "eicinfo" <>


Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 19:19:43 -0700
From: (Carolyn Chase)
Subject: Tires traveling

> Pointing to Smithfield, RI -- "the reluctant host of a tire
>dump that is reportedly the second-largest in the nation" -- Sen.
>John Chafee (R-RI) (Chafee release, 3/14) on 3/14 introduced
>legislation that would impose a federal tax of 50 cents on each
>new tire sold. The money would raise an estimated $125 million a
>year, "which states could draw on to clean up tire dumps."
> A "short while later," the staff of Rep. Patrick Kennedy (D-
>RI) announced that Kennedy also had introduced tire-cleanup
>legislation that would appropriate up to $25 million a year for
>tire-dump cleanups.
> Earlier this month, the US EPA began to remove the first of
>about 250,000 tires piled upon pits of industrial chemicals at
>Smithfield's Davis tire dump. When those tires are cleared out,
>the EPA will begin a proposed $63 million cleanup of the dump,
>which has been declared a Superfund site.
> Rhode Island state Rep. James Donelan (D) has introduced
>legislation to create a commission that would investigate a new
>technology that freezes shredded tires, causing them to separate
>into their rubger, steel and fiber components (Peter Lord,
Greenwire 3/17/97

++ does anybody know where the tires go when they are "cleared out"?
++ what is the key to closing the tire loop?

Carolyn Chase, Editor, San Diego Earth Times,
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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 04:28:45 -0600 (CST)
From: (Inga VanNynatten)
Subject: trail building with recycled products


I am looking for case studies of trails built with recycled products.
If you know of any trails in your area, please contact me. Information
on product cost, durability, appearance, and site suitability would also be
most appreciated.

Example products could include:
glass cullet
recycled asphalt product (RAP)
recrushed cement
plastic lumber
compacted flyash
china or porcelain
any other innovative re-use of resources to build trails and\or trails


Inga VanNynatten
Intern, NPS-Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program


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