co-mingling pre-sorted resources

Susan K. Snow (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:57:49 -0500

Does anyone else have problems with the waste industry co-mingling
resources which citizens sort for recycling purposes? The largest waste
titan is mixing sorted recyclable materials together with trash and
placing them in their compact truck. Under contract, yard wastes are
supposedly to be collected in a separate (brand new) truck and send to
the city's municipal compost facility.

I have photographed this incident occurring twice. Once in 1990, the
second time in 1993. Telephone calls from residents are coming in
again. Apparently, the #1 Waste titan is not only mixing recyclable
yard wastes, but is collecting sorted cans, bottles, newspaper and such,
for which they do not have the contract, and mixing it with their
Does anyone else have problems with the largest waste company in the
world attempting to/destroying their community's recycling effort?

Susan Snow