Tire re-use

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:57:17 -0500

Does anyone have any information regarding using tire scrap as
playground surfaces--instead of gravel--to cushion falls, scrapes, and
such? Also, need information on processes, costs, where in use, and so

I understand that no matter how tires are used they are going to pollute
surface and groundwaters eventually. However, when burned as a fuel,
tires create and release into animal tissue and byproducts (milk,
cheese, ice cream, and such) dioxins and furans, as well as toxic
metals, such as cadmium, and possibly mercury.

We are looking for a safer solution for our children's future.
Susan Snow
There has been a patented process called "Rebound" which is a mixture of
compost and crumb rubber. The Company is JaiTire Industries, Inc. 4591 Ivy
St., Denver, CO 80216 (303) 322-7887 (1994 info).

You also may want to contact the Rubber Pavement Association, 4500 South
Lakeshore Dr. #359, Tempe, AZ 85282 ph. 602-755-1269.

Roger Diedrich