Environmentally Friendly Car

Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:56:24 -0500

I want to send this to Ford and Chrysler but don't know an e-mail address.
Can anyone help?

I would like to buy my next car as an "environmentally friendly car" using
this list of presently available options. However this combination of
options is only readily available on European cars.

Sunroof and white or light color and tinted windows but NO air conditioning,
Forward motion of car should bring fresh air into the car instead of always
depending on the blower and electrical power.

Manual transmission instead of automatic.-cheaper maintance, better for
mountain driving --can anticipate needed gear change due to coming hill.

Engine designed for good milage--Now Manual transmission is usually only
available with performance engine.

Tachometer and oil pressure gage-- recognize better how engine is performing
i.e. when car gets more miles on it and oil pressure starts to drop, change
to heavier oil. Tachometer would be especially helpful in mountain driving,
and automatics don't always shift to best gears for hills. Tachometer and
oil pressure gage are readily with performance engines.

Milage computer-- to check engine condition and my driving performance.

I believe that this better availability of options plus better reliability
are the two major reasons that foreign cars have become and remained so
popular in this country.