Re: Production Statistics vs Waste Composition Studies
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:55:43 -0500

The problem with in flow outflow waste analysis is that in a City the records
of industries are private property and not necessarily accessable to the

For a large office building with many firms , the property manager can not
control the flow.

In a corporation, the purchasing agent and the accountants know how much they
buy and if they want they can know how much waste removal costs, but much of
what is bought is kept, sold as finsihed product, filed or sent away.

For waste reduction, the purchasing agent and the product design engineers
besides the workers, are most inportant. As far as the recycler is
concerned; a three season estimate of the rough composition of most
materials; and a more precise estimate of the various, grades, colors, types
of recyclable materiials, will aid in making market decisions, and provide
estimates of revenue for making budget guidlines.

It all depends on what you need.