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GreenYes Digest Fri, 18 Apr 97 Volume 97 : Issue 83

Today's Topics:
A Message from Bill Shireman and Susan Burns
Earth Day Cultivation Continues
GRRN not GRN! (2 msgs)
Production Statistics vs Waste Composition Studies
UPDATE: Earth Day Coke/ Product Stewardship Actions

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Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 15:01:13 -0700
Subject: A Message from Bill Shireman and Susan Burns

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A Message from

Bill Shireman
Susan Burns

We hope you'll join us! A reminder ... the Business and
Ecology workshops and roundtables are now just a few
days away:

Friday, April 25:

Friday, April 25:

Saturday-Sunday, April 26-27:
including four separate roundtables on
Industrial Ecology (2)
The Natural Step and ISO 14000
Practical Applications

(NOTE: Only two additional spots are available for the
retreat weekend)

We have a wonderful group already signed up for these
practical, experiential workshops and roundtables. Among
the major companies that will be there:

Anheuser-Busch, Boston Consulting Group, Coors,
Hallmark, Hewlett-Packard, Mitsubishi Electric,
Mitsubishi Motors and others. All the events are to be
held just north of San Francisco.

(For full event descriptions, please see below)

Please call Cathy Johnson to reserve your place right now
-- space is limited and we will be full soon:

-Reply to Order Form below. Please copy and fill out
form then either reply to this message or email to
-Register Online through website,
-Fax to 916-486-5990
-Mail to 801 Crocker Road, Sacramento, CA 95864

* * * * * * * * * *


Register for all three events at a discounted rate (includes
all meals & accommodations).

____ Natural Step Workshop, April 25 ---------- $395
($195 for individual/non-profit) includes breakfast,
lunch, manual, and Future 500 membership.)

____ Dinner Roundtable, April 25 ---------- $150
($40 for Natural Step workshop attendees)

____ Business & Ecology Retreat, April 25-27 ----- $595
($395 individual/non-profit)
Meals: ------------------------------------------------- $105
Accommodations: Private: -- $500 or Shared: $300

____ ALL THREE EVENTS --------------------- $1,200
($995 individual/non-profit) includes all meals,
accommodations, two manuals, and Future 500 membership

Please provide us with:

Name/Title: |

Organization |

Email |

Phone |

Fax |

Address |

City State Zip |

Thank You.

Event descriptions:

B U S I N E S S & E C O L O G Y

Three events during April 25-27, 1997 in the San Francisco area

The Business and Ecology Roundtables offer expert trainers,
case studies review, and interactive exercises for business
leaders, managers, environmental professionals, and
investors to gain valuable insights and practical
understanding of new management tools.

THE NATURAL STEP WORKSHOP - Friday, April 25, all
day The Natural Step is one of the most exciting and
powerful new systems for integrating environmental
management in business and other organizations. The
Natural Step (TNS) provides a set of four essential
"system conditions" by which businesses must operate in
the long term. By using these systems conditions as a
guideline, businesses can become more efficient, reduce
pollution and compliance problems, and engage the
creativity and problem solving capabilities inherent in their
workforce. TNS has been used as part of the environmental
programs at Monsanto, Mitsubishi Electric, Interface and
more than 100 other companies internationally.

Natural Step trainer Susan Burns will present the training
and TNS President Molly Harriss Olson, former head of the
President's Council on Sustainable Development, will
discuss the history and future of TNS. Bill Shireman and
Dorie Krantz will present special discussions on Industrial
Ecology and ISO 14000, and their relationship to TNS.

April 25, evening An informal setting for a high level
exchange with a unique affinity network, the dinner is an
opportunity to present ideas and projects to colleagues
from the business, investment, technology, environmental,
and philanthropic communities. Former President's Council
on Sustainable Development head Molly Harriss Olson will
host this dinner and roundtable discussion. Global Futures
President Bill Shireman will facilitate our dialogue on the
future of business and the environment. To stir the pot, we
will update some exciting joint ventures that emerged from
our last Future 500 dinner, and brainstorm on new ones.

Friday pm-Sunday am, Apr 25-27 At a Stinson Beach waterfront
home, we will engage in four distinct roundtables and a series
of interactive explorations into the relationship between ecology
and business. We'll review the tools that are now required
knowledge for every effective environmental manager:
Industrial Ecology, ISO 14000, The Natural Step, and
Advanced Resource Productivity. The Natural Step
provides a powerful set of corporate guidelines. ISO 14000
provides a system for tracking progress toward those goals.
And Industrial Ecology teaches how to do it all at a profit.

Management consultant David Hurst, author of a seminal
Harvard Business Review article and best-selling book,
Crisis and Renewal, will ground us in Industrial Ecology
and launch a discussion on the imperative for integrating
environment and business. We will leave rejuvenated,
motivated, and prepared with new ideas and strategies to
apply productively to our work. Don't miss this one!

What is Future 500?

Future 500, a project of Global Futures Foundation, is a
new alliance of business leaders devoted to advanced
resource productivity. Future 500's objective is to stimulate
the application of technologies that can drive down
resource consumption to as little as a quarter of today's
levels, while creating profits and protecting the
environment. For more info please visit the Global Futures
home page

What people are saying:

"Wonderful," "fantastic," "seminal and extraordinary", and
"one of the greatest experiences of my life." Over the past
year, participants have contacted us with stories of the
benefits of past Business and Ecology roundtables and retreats.
Join colleagues from business, government, and the
environment for this practical, educational, experiential,
motivational look at the future of business and the
environment. In informal settings, over meals, and during
nature hikes, you will learn how to multiply your
effectiveness by applying the latest tools.

Future 500
801 Crocker Road
Sacramento, CA 95864
(916) 486-5999 voice (916) 486-5990 fax


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 01:48:51 -0700
From: (Carolyn Chase)
Subject: Earth Day Cultivation Continues

Thought you would be interested in this perspective and mention of San
Diego in national context. This is the general, national Earth Day release.

From: Earth Day Network
Contact: Carolyn Chase (619)272-2930, San Diego

Earth Day Cultivation Continues

The most comprehensive list of Earth Day-related events and activities
taking place in all fifty states and 20 other countries is available online

which also contains links to 40 other volunteer-maintained Earth Day '97


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 00:12:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Bill <>
Subject: fds



Date: Thu, 17 Apr 1997 15:15:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: "David A. Kirkpatrick" <>
Subject: GRRN not GRN!

In order to avoid the confusion with the Global Recycling Network
( ... The steering committee of the GrassRoots Recycling
Network suggests that when we need to use an acronym for our network, let's
use GRRN. Thanks!


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 02:15:30 -0700
From: (Carolyn Chase)
Subject: GRRN not GRN!

>In order to avoid the confusion with the Global Recycling Network
>( ... The steering committee of the GrassRoots Recycling
>Network suggests that when we need to use an acronym for our network, let's
>use GRRN.
++ how exactly would it be pronounced? ;-)
++ how about "Grass Roots Inclusion Network or GRIN? ;-))
++ could also be Grass roots Recycling Inclusion Network ;-))


Carolyn Chase, Editor, San Diego Earth Times,
Please visit ;-)

Tel: (619)272-7423 (SDET)
FAX: (619)272-2933
P.O. Box 9827 / San Diego CA 92169

'You've got to conserve what you can't replace'

"Every citizen is involved in politics; it's just that some people do
politics, some have it done to them."


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 00:03:31 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Production Statistics vs Waste Composition Studies

The problem with in flow outflow waste analysis is that in a City the records
of industries are private property and not necessarily accessable to the

For a large office building with many firms , the property manager can not
control the flow.

In a corporation, the purchasing agent and the accountants know how much they
buy and if they want they can know how much waste removal costs, but much of
what is bought is kept, sold as finsihed product, filed or sent away.

For waste reduction, the purchasing agent and the product design engineers
besides the workers, are most inportant. As far as the recycler is
concerned; a three season estimate of the rough composition of most
materials; and a more precise estimate of the various, grades, colors, types
of recyclable materiials, will aid in making market decisions, and provide
estimates of revenue for making budget guidlines.

It all depends on what you need.



Date: Fri, 18 Apr 97 00:33:58 PST
Subject: UPDATE: Earth Day Coke/ Product Stewardship Actions

The Grassroots Recycling Network has heard from folks planning
Earth Day Coke/ Product Stewardship petition actions in the
following places in North America so far (we expect more --
these are just the ones that have contacted one or another of us):

California - three places
Colorado -two places
Wisconsin (university)
Ohio (university)
New Hampshire (university)
Washington DC
Louisiana (university)
Puerto Rico
Canada (university)

Feedback and information sharing is ESSENTIAL to getting
the Coke consumer education campaign rolling.

(to subscribe to greenyes send to
the message "add greenyes-digest"

And PLEASE send hard copies of press material (press releases,
articles, whatever) and signed petitions (or copies) to:
Bill Sheehan, Chair, Grassroots Recycling Network
268 Janice Drive, Athens, Georgia 30606


Date: (null)
From: (null)

Among a huge variety of local Earth Day events planned around April 22 are:

4,000 volunteers in the Pacific Northwest from Portland Oregon to Seattle
Washington area will support about 400 projects doing: invasive plant
removals and urban forest restoration, trail and drainage improvements,
stream bank restoration, trees and shrubs planting, and litter removal.

In the San Franscisco Bay Area more than 100 local events and festivals are
rallying around the theme "Forests for the Future" and the fight to save
the Old Growth redwoods of the Headwaters Forest.

Montana schoolchildren are making 5-minute home videos of "what they
like to do outdoors in clean air" to compete for prizes at an Earth Day
ceremony and air time on a local-access cable TV station...

Nevada college students will run in a race on campus and then take a test
of their lungs' health by breathing through a straw to simulate the effects
of an asthma attack on a bad air day...

Michigan activists will hold a barbecue near a smokestack to illustrate how
big industry is the real problem, not backyard barbecues (as industry ads
have tried to pretend).

The most popular activities are fairs, often combined with parades. These
are all linked in with other community clean-ups and projects. At the San
Diego event they will have 235 exhibitors, 300 volunteers, and a crowd of

"From Florida to Hawaii, from Japan to Moldova, from Spain to India, Earth
Day is spreading each year," noted EDN grass roots organizer, Carolyn
Chase. "The country of Armenia reported its first Earth Day for this year
and we receive more and more reports and requests from around the world and
the U.S. every year"

The mission of the Earth Day Network is to increase awareness,
responsibility and action toward a clean, healthy environment for all
living things using Earth Day as a catalyst.

"Earth Day is alive and well at the grassroots level," commented Pamela
Lippe, President of the Earth Day Network and founder of Earth Day New
York. Earth Day
coordinators have been established in more than 50% of all schools in the U.S.
involving millions of teachers and students in environmental activities every
year. Earth Day organizers, both new and old, spontaneously generate
activities around the nation and increasingly throughout the world. It is
our goal to establish and support a worldwide network of environmental
volunteers and activists for the year 2000 and beyond." she added. Plans
are already being formulated for a worldwide effort to spread grass roots
organizing strategies throughout the globe for the beginning of new

"Anyone with the interest can find a way to make difference through Earth
Day. Make a Difference is the Earth Day Network theme." added Chase.

The Earth Day Network helps promote local ED activities by increasing
communication and publicity about the great number, variety and diversity
of ideas and activities. EDN maintains a database of Earth Day affiliates
and related projects and groups in all 50 states and several other
countries, along with an email list of more than a thousand, linking more
than 40 other sites.

Earth Day archives, references materials and project ideas are available at:

This site is being maintained by volunteers at the Cornell Center for the

To be added to the Earth Day Network email list, send a request to:, or visit our website at:

Report Earth Day '97 events at:

Please repost this wherever appropriate and email with any questions.

Earth Day Network
PO Box 9827 San Diego CA 92169
(619)272-7370 FAX:(619)272-2933
EDN is volunteer-run 501(c)3 non-profit group.

To be removed or to receive moderated announcements on projects and
websites for using Earth Day as a catalyst for positive change, send email

*****> If you wish to participate in an unmoderated Earth Day discussion
listserv, being contributed by the Cornell Center for the Environment: You
can subscribe to earthday-L (not case-specific) by sending an email message
to with no subject line and this as the body of the

SUBSCRIBE earthday-L yourfirstname yourlastname


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