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GreenYes Digest Sat, 19 Apr 97 Volume 97 : Issue 84

Today's Topics:
Cole Consumer Action Campaign
Composition of Glass Cullet from Recycling Programs
Fwd: Earth Day 2000
Fwd: RECYCLE digest 456
PET recycling facility forced to close because Coke doesn't recycle
Read & Think for Earth Day
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Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:38:11 -0700
From: debell@spot.Colorado.EDU (Jack DeBell)
Subject: Cole Consumer Action Campaign

Lance -

The University of Colorado's chapter of SEAC (Student Environmental
Action Coalition) has begun a campus-wide campaign in support of GRRN.
Actions include a letter wrtiting campaign (over 50 written thus far),
petition drive (over 300 signed thus far), and tabling at events on campus
and in the community. More planned.
Feel free to include the University of Colorado in your upcoming
press release.

- Jack

Jack DeBell
University of Colorado Recycling Services
Campus Box 207
Boulder, CO USA 80309
PHONE 303.492.8307
FAX 303.492.1897


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 10:57:37 -0600
From: "John Reindl 608-267-8815" <>
Subject: Composition of Glass Cullet from Recycling Programs

My thanks to those people who sent in data on the composition of the
glass cullet being recycled in their programs. I forwarded them to the
state of Montana, which is researching the use of cullet in the cement
making process.

Here are the data I received. These should not be taken as hard and
fast numbers (in spite of the decimal fractions given), or data that
can be applied to a different location, since programs and consumption
patterns differ greatly, as do methods of collecting data. Instead,
I think that they are more useful as background data:

Glass Composition from Recycling Programs

Program Clear Brown Green


Brown County 50.3% 31.3% 18.4%
Columbia County 65.5% 21% 13.5%
Dane County 48.7% 28.6% 22.7%
Manitowoc County 61% 26% 13%
Portage County 53.8% 23.2% 23%
Waukesha County 54% 23% 23%
Winnebago County 56% 26% 18%
Western Wisc 60% 28% 12%

Puget Sound, WA 50% 30% 20%

Univ of Minnesota 67.4% 23.8% 8.8%

York University (Canada) 91.5% 4.25% 4.25%

EcoCycle (Boulder, CO) 50% 30%+ 20%-

Tompkins Co, NY 70.3% 24.9% 4.8%
(deposit law state)

Three color mixed from
a variety of MRFs, sorted
by Indiania Institiute of

Dane County, WI MRF 61% 23% 16%
Dayton, OH area 61% 30% 9%
Indianapolis area 1 68% 17% 15%
Chicago area 60% 22% 18%
Ohio area 60% 20% 20%
Indianapolis area 2 70% 17% 13%

Thanks to all for their help!

John Reindl, Recycling Manager
Dane County, WI
(608)267-1533 - fax
(608)267-8815 - phone


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 10:43:11 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Fwd: Earth Day 2000

write on, carolyn !

In a message dated 97-04-11 16:16:09 EDT, (Carolyn
Chase) writes: Tedd Ward said:
>Alicia Culver and I had an idea for a theme for Earth Day 2000: Zero Cut,
>Zero Discharge, Zero Waste, with all the zeroes in "2000" replaced by
>recycling symbols. John Young thinks we could put together a killer Zero
>Waste Earth Day concert. Whaddya think?

++ I think Zero Cut, Zero Waste, Zero Population Growth 8-)


Forwarded message:
From: (Carolyn Chase)
Date: 97-04-11 16:16:09 EDT

Tedd Ward said:
>Alicia Culver and I had an idea for a theme for Earth Day 2000: Zero Cut,
>Zero Discharge, Zero Waste, with all the zeroes in "2000" replaced by
>recycling symbols. John Young thinks we could put together a killer Zero
>Waste Earth Day concert. Whaddya think?
++ I think Zero Cut, Zero Waste, Zero Population Growth 8-)


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 20:36:50 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Fwd: RECYCLE digest 456

Forwarded message:
From: 75010.567@CompuServe.COM (Chuck Irvine)
To: (
Date: 97-04-18 18:59:33 EDT

Regarding the call to boycott Coke...........I do not understand you people
blasting an American icon like Coke simply because they are high profile and
easy to castigate. Don't you realize they are only part of the soft drink
industry.....they have competitors....I'm sure that does not mean anything to
you.....they also have stockholders, including many retirement funds
unions, State employees, etc . etc.] All you people are going to accomplish
to bring more acrimony down upon yourselves and the environmental movement as
whole. Why don't you get off it. Get a life and do something usefull for a


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:26:42 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: GRRN not GRN!


Why not just pronounce GRRN as "grin?"

Gary Liss


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 13:32:34 +0100
From: (Mary Appelhof)
Subject: PET recycling facility forced to close because Coke doesn't recycle

Here is a concrete example of how Coke's failure to recycle caused the
shut-down of a recycling facility:

"wTe Corp Closes Plastics Recycling Facility
Lack of sufficient supply forced wTe Corp., Bedford, MA, to shutter
its Hayward, CA, plastic bottle recycling facility, just 14 months after
its opening in August 1995. The $3.5 (million?) facility owned and
operated by Certified Polymer Processors, a sibsidiary of wTe Corp., had a
capacity to process 40 million pounds per year of soft drink bottles made
from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic. The plant, which debaled
and granulated post-consumer bottles and manufacturing scrap, sold the
produced flake to wTe for further processing and was scheduled to add a
washing and pelletizing system if the project had successed as planned.
The project relied upon an 11-year agreement with the Plastics
Recycling Corp of California (PRCC) to supply 30 million pounds of PET per
year. But PRCC, which is owned by Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and several other
large soft-drink and bottling operations, "did not supply the amount or the
quality of PET fedstocks that were required," said wTe's Leight Alan
Peritz. "After a seven-year effort to develop a PET bottle recycling
facility in California, it is very disappointing to have shut the plant
The project employed the MSS BottleSort=AE System to remove PVC
contamination and to sort green bottles from clear bottles. wTe continues
to operate a PET recycling facility in Altany, NY.
from SOLID WASTE TECHNOLOGIES, Nov-Dec, 1996, p 10.

Here's a little guerrila punch: I accessed the Coke Website and found one
of their feedback pages. Question of the week was: "If aliens landed in
your backyard, what's the first thing you would ask them?"

I responded, "Can you tell me why Coca-Cola doesn't recycle its
containers when it makes so much sense?"

Mary Appelhof


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 12:43:02 -0500
From: "Susan K. Snow" <>
Subject: Read & Think for Earth Day

Dear Thinkers,
Next Wednesday is Earth Day. I encourage you to become enlightened and
involved by reading two books which may be ordered at your favorite book

The first, is entitled: _Toxic Sludge is Good for You...Lies, Damn Lies,
and the Public Relations Industry_ by John C. Stauber and Sheldon
(under $15 Common Courage Press, 1 Red Barn Rd., Monroe, ME 04951)

The second is entitled _Toxic Deception: How the Chemical Industry
Manipulates Science, Bends the Law, and Endangers Your Health._ Author
Dan Fagan was a Pulitzer finalist in 1994 for his articles documenting
links between pesticides and breast cancer. Co-author, Marianne Lavelle,
won the Polk Award and six other national prizes for her writings; she
is also a writer for the National Law Journal. The book is under $25.
Because of a review in the New York Times, the EPA is investigating
actions taken.

Each year over $1 billion is spent brainwashing the American public.
It's time to dust the PR cob webs from your brain and learn to think,
and weigh the consequences of your actions, once again. Protecting life
on Earth depends upon thinking rather than brainwashed citizens. If you
cannot read these books, then change your mind, are you sure you still
have a mind to change?

Susan Snow


Date: Fri, 18 Apr 1997 08:19:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: (Hempily Kenafins)
Subject: unsubscribe


Emily Miggins, Director ReThink Paper a project of Earth Island Institute

300 Broadway, STE 28 San Francisco, California 94133
Phone 415 788 3666 x 132 Facsimile 788 7324 email

...the cyber fiber broker


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