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Chuck Irwin write:

Regarding the call to boycott Coke...........I do not understand you people
blasting an American icon like Coke simply because they are high profile and
easy to castigate. Don't you realize they are only part of the soft drink
industry.....they have competitors....I'm sure that does not mean anything to
you.....they also have stockholders, including many retirement funds
[teachers, unions, State employees, etc . etc.] All you people are going to
accomplish is to bring more acrimony down upon yourselves and the
environmental movement as a whole. Why don't you get off it. Get a life and
do something usefull for a change!!!

I would like to remind Chuck that not everyone, and certainly not the
majority of of non-Americans, see either the USA or Coca Cola, as the
saviours of the world - indeed, more than sufficient proof exists
(documented scientific proof, not some emotional knee jerk response!) that
the consumer culture, as espoused by Americam companies, is the single
largest preventable threat to the world's environment - you are probably not
aware that the so-called First World countries, although making up only 25%
of the world population, are responsible for 80% of the resource consumption
and pollution planet wide - Coke remains the most visible and most detested
of these "wasters", and are the obvious high profile target. Here in South
Africa, people very high up in the Corporate Social Responsibility have
resigned in disgust at the practices andpolicies of Coke, so may I suggest
to Chuck Irwin: YOU get alife, and do some homework before you criticise
those who know exactly what they are doing, why they are doing it, and as
such, are some of the most valuable citizens of Planet Earth - whom I
respect, and salute as people who are concerned about the quality of life of
ordinary people like myself.

Mr. Muna Lakhani

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