Re:Bullets? Seeds? Hormone disrupting chemicals in plastics

Susan K. Snow (
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:54:30 -0500

Mr. Muna Lakhani said:

>Many thanks for ththe info on plastics and their associated risks -
>I am becoming a rabid anti-plastics activist! and all ammunition >(bullets?
seeds?) are more than welcome!

Hormone disrupting chemicals don't just affect females of various
species. They also affect males. For more information, see:
Introduction to hormone toxicity at:
Notice, Dr. Michael Warhurst has a section on phthalates--plasticizers
that are in some plastics such as vinyl chloride (PVC), modified
polystyrene, and possibly others. However, phthalates are also in some
pesticides --that kill insects, weeds, and possibly fungi.

But, that is not the only chemical found to disrupt the endocrine
system. Chemicals in liquid soap and detergents, and a variety of other
uses contain alkyphenols, which Dr. Warhurst says are estrogenic.

Bisphenol A is also a plasticizer and is called bpa-polycarbonate. If
you buy your bottled water (because your tap water is poisoned from
leaking landfills and agricultural/lawn care chemicals) and your bottled
water comes in 5 gallon plastic bottles, chances are it contains BPA.

And there is more--too numerous to mention at this time.
What it all comes down to is we need to buy less and return to glass
refillable packaging, non-petrochemical products, and we deserve the
right to know so we can take responsibile care of our families.
Obviously, our corporate-owned government(s) won't take care of us.

Susan Snow