Re: Need assistance w/co-composting issues in MD & TN
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:53:27 -0500

Hello All,

Do you have any information that may be helpful for this member? Please
let me know if I can help, and as always please contact me with any
comments or questions.

Thanks Much - Mary-Beth

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Subject: co-composting
Author: Greg Becker CCPL <> at INTERNET
Date: 4/28/97 4:04 PM

If you do not handle general questions for national Sierra, I hope you
will direct me to the right person. I am the group chair of the Catoctin
Group in Central Maryland. In my county, Carroll, we are considering a
co-composting process (also known as bioconversion) to handle solid waste.
I have heard a couple presentations on it, had an up-close look at the
compost product and researched the process on the Internet. All I have
come up with is the manufacturer's site:

They have a successful plant in Sevierville, TN which our county leaders
have visited. Personally, I like the process from what I have learned.
There would still be curbside recycling, as well as some recylables culled
from the compost mix before it is mixed with sewage sludge and composted
for 20 some days. I know there is often a concern about heavy metals with
sewage sludge but the soil product is guaranteed to meet EPA standards and
can even be used on food crops.

My question is whether Sierra has a position on co-composting and if you
could hook me up with "the other side of the story." --perhaps with a
group in Sevierville, TN That is the newest co-composting facility but I
understand there are 3 others in the U.S. I appreciate any direction or
feedback you might give me. --Greg Becker