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Beth: Thanks for your help. I called Michelle. However, your link
suggestions are very good. So we'll see if Michelle's info is a duplication
or additional. Visit my "Stop Junk Mail" page:

Lynn Landes

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I am happy to have you link my letter to to your campaign site. I
cannot give permission to print the addresses directly. Our office
signed a copyright licensing agreement with the Town of Chapel Hill
and are not to alter the camera ready original work without
permission. If you wish to use the Junk Mail Terminator Kit as your
source, you should contact Michelle Minstrell directly at the number
listed in my letter.

There are plenty of other places that addresses for direct
marketers may be found and you may wish to link with them directly. The
advantage to
this is that these sites usually have more detailed information
about direct marketers - like TRW is a credit card mailer. My
experience from receiving responses back from individual marketers is
that the Direct Marketing Association is the primary list seller.
Having consumers contact this one company will eliminate the majority
of your unwanted mail.

Sites to check out: (doesn't work)

Also, the message following mine has some information seemingly contrary to a
news article I have. He states that bulk mail "is a major profit
center" for the postal service.

I have a clipping from the Missoulian, Sunday, July
21, 1996. The article entitled "GAO: Bulk Mail cost Postal Service
big" is reprinted from The Washington Post, by Bill McAllister. The
General Accounting Office in a report to Congress stated that it
could find pinpointed losses of $168 million in fiscal 1994. (this
from the bulk business mail program) You may wish to follow up with
this claim as well as the one below to accurately reflect the costs
of BBM to the Postal Service.

I will be out of the office for the remainder of this week. Should
you have any questions, I will return to the office on Monday, May 5.

Thanks for contacting me. Good luck!

Beth Graves

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> Beth: I am putting a "Stop Junk Mail" campaign on my site and would like
to either: 1) link this letter or 2) print the addresses and other material
in the "Terminator Kit." Which would you suggest
> Lynn Landes
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> Subject: junk mail reduction
> To GreenYesers,
> In response to some of the discussion about junk mail, I thought I
> would weigh in on some of the efforts being undertaken in North
> Carolina.
> DPPEA, the Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental
> Assistance, has licensed the "Junk Mail Terminator" kit from Orange
> County, NC. The kit consists of 15 pre-printed postcards to the
> largest direct mailers. An instruction sheet is also included with
> tips on how to try and keep you name off marketing lists. DPPEA
> licensed the kit for $25/year and printed 25,000 to distribute for
> free to any city or county requesting them for distribution to citizens.
> We have given some to cooperative extension agencies and businesses who gave
> them to employees. We figured if people had the postcards in hand
> already, they would be more likely to actually request that their
> name be removed from lists.
> The kits cost us $0.16 each to print plus the cost of envelopes
> (6 x 9). The whole campaign has likely cost less than $5,000. The
> campaign has been very popular among local governments and has
> resulted in MANY newspaper articles across the state. To date, we
> have distributed 21,500 kits.
> One reporter I worked with for the High Point Enterprise conducted
> some additional research and uncovered some information I was unaware
> of and thought may be of interest to this group. The article
> appeared on Jan. 12, 1997 and was written by Robert Warren.
> The following is an excerpt:
> "For junk mail that bypasses every effort, the US Supreme Court
> provides a solution: US Postal Service Form 2150. In 1970, several
> direct marketers appealed to the US Supreme Court a law they said
> 'impoverished' them. The law, created in 1968, allowed citizens to
> stop any mail they felt was 'erotically arousing or sexually
> provocative.' Instead of overturning the law, the Supreme Court
> slapped the direct marketers 'upside the head.'
> 'Every man's mail today is made up overwhelmingly of material he did not
> seek from persons he does not know. And all too often it is matter he
> finds offensive,' Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote for the majority.
> Offensive can be a dry goods catalog, according to the Supreme Court,
> simply because the householder objects to the contents or text
> touting the merchandise.
> Form 2150 is free and only requires your name and address and the
> sender's. If the mailing doesn't stop, it is the postmaster's
> responsibility to send a certified letter to the sender and enforce
> the law."
> Sorry for the length. Prior to his article, I had been unaware of
> this form. One more tool to fight junk mail!!
> By the way, anyone wanting to license the kit may call Michelle
> Minstrell, Chapel Hill, NC, 919-968-2788. They charge $1.00 for the
> kit if you live outside Orange County. If you are thinking of
> licensing the kit and want to preview one,
> I would be willing to send one to you at no charge. Send me your name and
> mailing address.
> Beth Graves
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> Date: Fri, 14 Feb 1997 10:40:41 -0600
> From: George Dreckmann <>
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> Subject: Re: GRN Campaign Ideas -Reply
> If we are going to target Junk Mail then we need something that people
> can do as direct action that cuts into the profitability of the business, both
> for the USPS and the mailers because, despite the reduced rates, Junk
> Mail is not corporate welfare, it is a major profit center for the USPS.
> What we have to do is get people to return all postage paid mailers,
> stuffing envelopes with all the stuff that was send to them in the mailing.
> When i suggested this locally, a USPS employee said that stuffing these
> envelops full would jam their high tech machines. To which I responded,
> excatly!
> When junk mail lacks a postage paid return mailer then we tell folks to
> remove their address label and take the junk to the big blue recycling box
> on the corner and let the USPS handle it. Afterall, they boast of having
> the nations largest paper recycling program. Let's make a good thing
> even better.
> As we call for these actions, we tell folks that junk mail is bascially
> worhtless to your local recycling program so the best way to get it
> recycled is to give it back.
> This type of action puts the stuff back where it came from and calling for
> this type of guerrilla warfare on junk mail would generate lots of publicity
> and would outrage the USPS and junk mailers. Who could ask for more.
> Calling for legislation on stuff like this just sets us up to lose to the
> loafer crowd. Lets hit them where it hurts and fight legislative battles on
> the larger issues like forest subsidies, minimum content etc.
> "Oh Atlanta, got to get back to you."
> Lowell George
> Pax,
> George Dreckmann
> Recycling Coordinator
> City of Madison, WI
> Beth Graves
> Waste Management Analyst
> NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA)
> 919-715-6506 or 800-763-0136
> web site:

Beth Graves
Waste Management Analyst
NC Division of Pollution Prevention and Environmental Assistance (DPPEA)
919-715-6506 or 800-763-0136
web site:

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