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Bill et al.
I have not yet had time to read the flurry of messages re zero waste (end
of term here at UF) but will do so next week. One idea that I have for
promoting this nationwide is to have a video made that explains the
concept. It might have a few minutes with G. Fred Lee explaining why
landfills are unaccepatable; Dan Knapp describing systems that can achieve
zero waste (including the Australia zero waste concept); Neil Seldman or
Brenda Pratt describing waste-based industries; someone else to talk about
legislation that states need to promote recycled content, etc.; perhaps
someone talking about mining laws. This would be a video version of the
things discussed for an issue of Sierra Magazine. The advantage of the
video is that it is easier to get people to watch it, including public
officials, than it is to get them to read something. A few 100 copies
could be made and distributed to Chapters and Groups. Probably, we have
within the various groups the expertise and equipment to do the taping.
Then the costs should not be so great.
Has someone already made such a video, Paul Connett or someone else?
Dwight Adams
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>[Forwarded from Lynn Landes]
>Here's my feedback from the Zero Waste Conference in Georgia. I think we
>designate a "Zero Waste Day".....
>Regarding strategy: It's important that we make alliances with business.
>I would like to see us join forces (a summit?) with the paper, cellulose,
>and other (non-plastic) industries that manufacture goods that can be
>or composted. Their natural business "enemy" is the (non-recycling) plastics
>industry. Plastics are a threat to them. Plastics are taking an increasing
>of their marketplace.
>Perhaps we could get the non-plastic industries to buy into the "zero waste"
>movement and support legislation to eliminate waste (streams), if Sierra Club
>(or other environmental groups) offer a general (not a brand) endorsement of
>their product. Imagine what a marketing boost it would be for them;
>environmentalists (Sierra) endorsing their "recyclable/compostable" products
>over the plastic alternative.
>On a less agreeable note: I know a lot of work went into the three
messages, but
>only one will resonate with the public and that is "Zero Waste." Tax
>and the like are great issues, but not appropriate as centerpiece messages.
>Remember the soccer mom. She wants her children to be safe and healthy. She
>wants clean water and air. Polluting landfills and incinerators are her
>enemy. Business wants efficiency. "Zero Waste" is as efficient as it comes.
>We need to keep the message simple.