Re: GreenYes Digest V97 #93
Fri, 22 Jan 1999 16:52:59 -0500

Allison writes:
"I have tried and tried to get myself off of your mailing list. I am
going to be anywhere near a computer for the next four months and do
relish the idea of having all this stuff piling up on my email. I
done exactly as instructed and it still hasn't worked. could a human
please take me off of theis mailing list. Thanks"
Dave Reynolds replies:

Allison, have you tried the following? If this does not work, e-mail
me back at <>. I am not the system
administrator, just a simple user trying to help out...........

To unsubscribe from GreenYes, do the following:

Address your message to: <> (or <greenyes->)
Leave the subject line blank;
In the message area, type: unsub <your email address> greenyes

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